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Thursday, September 25, 2003

Mr. Migraine Visits Again...

Yup that's right. I had another visit from Mr. Migraine today. It was just as bad as the one I had on Tuesday. Why I don't know, I do not feel particuarly stressed at the moment. I know my blood pressure is a little high (just had it checked) but usually I only get them when I'm stressed.

But this time I persevered... normally its the sort of migraine that sends me running home for my bed. I was determined to finish my day at work. We were having 34 grade 9 students in the library at the end of the day and I didn't want to leave my co-worker alone with all those kids. Also tonight was the first night the Martial Arts Club met, as the teacher advisor I had to be there or it would of been cancelled. I can't let the kids down. Luckily it started to let up at about 4pm. I had the usual side effects... can barely put together a proper sentence! I sound like a blubbering fool when that happens.

I'm okay now, but I would really like to know why I'm having them again after being migraine-free for about a month now.

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