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Saturday, October 25, 2003

When You THINK You're Getting Ahead...

You're not. A valuable lesson I've learn over the last couple of days. Its kinda like Murphy's Law. You're caught up with something or you're ahead in your finances. Wham... something comes along to change all that.

Here are some of the examples I've experienced this week...

Wednesday I finally finished East of Eden by John Steinbeck (a highly recommended read). I've been reading it all summer. I thought I'd be a good chunk into a new book by now... sigh not even a chapter. I've been super tired so I'm going to bed, skipping my nightly read.

Thursday... I'm off Friday and I thought... great! I can stitch until 1 or 2am on that model and I'll be able to get it in Friday's mail. Yet again... nope I was in bed before midnight. Never mind the fact that I had worked all day, had Martial Arts club after school, had dinner with the high school library technicians AND did my groceries for next week. No wonder I was tired.

Friday I got up at a descent time... but yet again I have under estimated how long it would take me to stitch a piece. I've got to stop doing this! I worked pretty much all day, up until 9pm on my Dragon Dreams model. And you know what? Its still not done! I barely went on the computer, I stitched, and stitched and stitched! By 8:45 I was getting sick of stitching! So I decided to go read... well I was down and out for the count by 9pm. Very unlike me!

This morning, Todd and I decided it was time to take my poor little car, car in for tires. We sat down with the Canadian Tire flyer and decided to get the cheapest motomaster winter tire... should be about 35.00/tire for my car. We get there to find out they don't make a tire in that line in the size my car needs. So we need to go up to the next tire (which yes would be better for winter driving). These turn out to be 75.00/tire. Much more than I was hoping to pay! But one needs tires one must get tires! So when my car is ready I'm going to have to go pay a 415.00 bill for winter tires! I was ahead financially.... not anymore.

Its one of those days where I'm thinking... "Sucks to be me."

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