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Thursday, November 06, 2003

Why What Sharp Teeth You Have...

I've been living back in the country (as in rural life) for over a year now, prior to that I lived in the country all through high school and college. In terms of wildlife I never saw anything beyond the usual suspects : deer, birds, raccoons, skunks, porcupines, squirrels, etc. Today I saw some TRUE wildlife.

I wasn't driving my usual route to work today because I had a meeting to attend at one of the school board's facilities. It was easier to take the back roads instead of taking the highway. I was no more than 2-3 km's from my house when through the fog I saw a dog cross the road. I thought that was a little odd, despite being in the country you don't often see dogs roaming about. So as I got closer to where it crossed I slowed down to check if it was still visible. It was! And I couldn't believe my eyes! I saw an honest to true, not in captivity wolf! This was no dog, not a husky or any of those breeds!

I wish I had my digi cam on me this morning.

Peacock Tapestry is DEFINITELY coming along in leaps and bounds! Tonight I put in another 4.5 hours, I'm now up to 10 hours stitching time this week. I've completed section 7, back stitch and all. That felt great! In section 8 (bottom middle) I finished the trees in the distance, and the grass surrounding them. Just as quitting time rolled around I got a very brief start on the grass.

Today Autumn Muskoka pretty much got little to no work done on it. All I stitched was an acorn cap on row 6.

Tomorrow is a good stitching night... its Survivor/CSI night!

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