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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Vieux Montreal

Can you believe, I'm still recovering from my weekend? Actually... I think I'm fighting off the cold that everyone at work and Todd has! I'm not sick but I'm pretty darned tired, and I've had this very slight scratch in my throat for days.
Sunday started off bright and early after a late night on Saturday at the Genesis concert. We hopped into the car, and on the way to Montreal picked up Kathy who was visiting her son. Lucky girl just got to sit in the back of the car and stitch! No fair... but then I guess that's the sacrifice one can make when you're a road warrior like I am (LOL).
For the last couple of years Mum and I have gone to the Lakeshore Guild's annual exhibit at Stewart Hall in Point Claire in the West Island, the area that I grew up in. Mum and I find it a great excuse just to go to Montreal and take a trip down memory lane. Last year's trip included a walk on Mont Royal, this year it was a walk in the Old Port of Montreal.Before we hit downtown, we met up with my oldest friend Andrew, we were neighbours growing up and we've known each other since he was born (I'm six months older). He was a sweetie and gave up a part of his day... escorted us downtown which was actually convenient since he had to be on the other side of Montreal later in the day. We had a beautiful day! It was sunny, a balmy 17c with a lovely breeze. Old Montreal is beautiful! I'd like to go back and spend more time down there really discovering all the old alleyways, cobbled streets, and the beautiful buildings... once upon a time a building was a work of art. Today they're all functionality, and glass. But then, beauty is in the eye of the beholder right?
We found a great little place for lunch downtown... it turned out to be three restaurants in one... we all were able to have what we wanted. Kathy and I had to have Montreal smoked meat sandwiches of course! Too soon it was time for Andrew to head out and for us to make our way back West to check out the needlework show.
The show was small, but then it always is ... and lovely. The Lakeshore Guild is certainly prolific, they manage to have enough pieces amongst their members to put on a show every year! Also they put on a lot of classes for their members! I'm just jealous!
It was a full and wonderful day... thanks to
Andrew for being our glide,
Kathy for coming along despite her poor feet (I feel your pain!!!),
and my Mum who I always enjoy a trip down memory lane with!
I'm still plugging away with the last installment in my Sweetheart Tree Round Robin (did I mention I started that Sunday night?). I think I should be able to finish it tomorrow night, then I think I'll be picking The Castle back up for the rest of this week to give it a little love.


Lynn said...

Thanks for sharing your day in photos! I've only driven through old Montreal on my way elswhere. I haven't really had a chance to explore it but it sure looks interesting! Love those old buildings.

Von said...

Montreal is a beautiful city - I hope to visit there someday! Wonderful pictures. :D

Leeland said...

Now, Montreal is at the top of the list of places I'd love to see before I die. Thanks for sharing, Dani.

Kajsa said...

This almost made me cry, we lived in Montreal for 5 years. We actually lived down in Old Montreal so this is really my old stomping grounds.

Thanks for sharing the pictures!!

Lynne said...

As always your photos are beautiful !! I agree, once upon a time buildings were works of art. Hope you are over your cold soon.

Stitcher S said...

What gorgeous photos! I've never been in Canada at all. :( I love the old buildings and interesting architecture.

Hope you feel better soon. I think I have the same 'bug' that you have!

Mindi said...

Lovely pictures of Montreal. I've always wanted to visit the city, but I've never had the chance. Hope you start feeling better soon, seems like a lot of people have the "crud" right now.

Dawn T. said...

Wonderful pictures!

Michelle said...

Beautiful photos! Can't wait to see the RR.

Sara said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day! I've only been to Canada once on a spur of the moment trip with no map because we were in the area so its nice to see pictures from someone who knew where she was going:)

Can't wait to see some Castle pics!

Hannah said...

Wow! It looks like Montreal has some really pretty buildings. Looks like you had a great time! Thanks for sharing.

stitcherw said...

What a wonderful outing, loved looking at your pictures. Hope your cold gets better soon.

Anonymous said...

It looks like you all had a great time! I love Vieux Montreal - walking around there feels like a little bit of Europe!

Julie said...

Thank you for the pictures! I love old buildings. Sounds like a lovely trip.