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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

December Goals & Photo Hunt

November Review
Stitch 1 Ornament - Yes!
Work on Tour - Yes!

December Goals
Stitch 1 Ornament
Finish Mini Cottages 6
Work on Tour

I kept my November goals very simple due to the fact that I had so many stressful things going on, and that certainly helped! I completed my goals, no problem. December's goals aren't too complicated either, but just for the sheer fact I want to finish Mini Cottages, get a huge chunk done on Tour, and the ornament I got a start on that tonight!

I feel now that all the crazy-ness that was November has all come and gone (Live & Silent Auction night I was involved in and BB testing) that my life is finally back in control! When I stepped on the scale this AM I was happy to see I'm back down 2lbs (I put on 2.5lbs last week), so I know I'm on my way back down to my goal weight. I already feel more in focus with my food choices, which is so important to get my weight back down! Tonight I had a meeting at work at 7pm so instead of heading home or just wasting a few hours I met up with Christin and we went to the gym together! Boy, did it ever feel great to get some weight training in! I haven't been to the gym since I started focusing on my Black Belt testing! Once upon a time, you never would of heard me say "boy I missed the gym!"

Now for the fun part, Photo Hunt! This theme is "Painted", the one picture that popped into my mind was this one that I took at the end of the summer in Montreal. We were walking around in the Old Port and in an alley of artists and artisans I came across the gentleman working on his paintings. I just had to photograph him, he had so much character!


Lillie said...

Congrads to you, firstly for the new belt and second, getting back on track with the scale. :D

Alice said...

It must feel good to be able to wind down the craziness. I agree that keeping stitching goals simple is a good idea when you are extra busy in real life. Who needs the extra pressure of self imposed goals? Great picture! Is that a welder's mask on his head? Congrats on the success with the scale. You continue to be an inspiration.

Vonna said...

Yay for meeting goals :)
I understand the gym statement because I think I'm a little addicted to my daily workout. I missed one day over the holiday and really was out of sorts the whole day. Today is weigh in day for me, and I'm hoping I'll have a positive outcome too ;)

Chiloe said...

Congrats for the weight loss !!! Don't you think your belt testing was causing you stress and weight gain?

RuthB said...

Well, I suppose I should congratulate you on missing hte gym. Sounds liek a foreign concept to me and my fat.... err.... fanny ;-)

Good luck with this month's goals.

Tama said...

Best of luck with your goals!
Your cottages look very nice so far :D

Kathy A. said...

That's my girl! Back on track. Good for you.
Love your photo!

Maxine said...

A bit late but I wanted to say BIG congratulations on getting your 3rd Degree Black Belt, I cannot even begin to imagine how much work and self discipline goes into something like this.A great start on another Michael Powell, looking forward to seeing it progress :)

CindyMae said...

You rock! So proud of you for doing good with the weight loss! CONGRATS on getting your Belt!! That is awesomeness!!! Love the photo hunt photo!

Julie said...

CONGRATS on passing the TKD tests, well done to both you and Danielle.

Enjoy your stitching time if you can, your arm looks real sore.

Good luck with your goals for December.

Karan said...

Another well done Dani. :0) Great pic & good to see the cottage piece out again. Good Luck with your December goals. :0)