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Sunday, December 12, 2010

December Stitching Goals

Gosh we're almost two weeks into December and I still haven't shared my stitching goals with you for the month!

November Goal Review

Stitch Blogiversary Gift - Done

JBW Stockings (as ornaments) - All 6 Done!
Work on Art Deco Spirits  - Yes a little

December Goal Review

Finish Air on Art Deco Spirits
Stitch One Ornament
Work on The Accolade

It finally took me until this evening to settle down and work on Art Deco Spirits for the first time this weekend.  For some reason I've just been too distracted to stitch the last few days.

Creeping Home behind two snowploughs

This morning we had our annual Taekwon-Do Christmas Breakfast, its a fun event we had 113 in attendance today.  Despite the bad weather I think everyone made it in safely!  I of course was armed with my camera.  Here's some shots from the morning.

Me with Senior Master Lu and his wife Mrs Seeley, I started TKD under these wonderful instructors!

My head instructor Sabum Marin singing Christmas Songs with the children

Santa came to visit with gifts for the boys and girls

Me and my good classmate Paige

All the Black Belts left in attendance at the end of the breakfast (some left early due to bad road conditions)

The roads were not great, and I cancelled some afternoon plans after going out this morning as we've been plagued with freezing rain!  It makes the roads dangerous, but its so pretty!!!
Ice encrusted trees

One of the "dead weeds" on my property sure makes for a pretty picture!


Anonymous said...

That last picture sure is pretty.

Glad you were able to attend the party, but even happier that you made it home safely.

Lesleyanne said...

Look forward to seeing your December goals. Your last photo is gorgeous. Love the photos of your breakfast.

Christine said...

Great pictures, the frozen seedhead looks as though it is spun from glass

Wendy said...

lovely picture´s !
I´m so happy I have everythingin walking distance, my work, my son´s school, shops.
snow is now gone here, but there new snow on the way !

lovely weather to stay inside and stitch though !

Bonnie Brown said...

Sucks that you had to change your plans, but better to be safe than sorry.
Love the pics of the ice

riona said...

I admire the way you see the beautiful in the ordinary ... even the "dead weeds".

Karen said...

Good luck with your goals! The breakfast looked like it was a lot of fun. Great pictures!

Bekca said...

Wow, I've never seen frozen plants like that before. The breakfast looked really great and best of luck with all your stitching goals :)

Julie said...

the 'dead weeds' makes for a great picture, just the sort you find on a calendar or card.

Karin said...

Looks like a great time - your pictures are gorgeous!

Lillie said...

Lovely pictures especially the dead weeds.

Very pretty stockings and enjoy your holidays.

Lisa said...

Well done on your November goals and good luck with the December ones.
I'm thinking of scrapping my rotation in the New Year and might go with monthly goals instead and see how that works.
Glad you made it to the party and had a good time.

Siobhan said...

I love how nice the ice covered landscape looks when sitting inside, stitching... hate it when I'm out, driving in it! Great pics! I'm glad that you had a good party. :)

Jo said...

Happy last day in work (it's my last day too - just 4 hours to go...)

The stockings look fabulous. And I love your cold pictures, especially the seed head. But, brrrrr, it must be really chilly!!!