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Sunday, January 14, 2007

HD #3 & Castle Progress

I know, I'm bad not posting for several days again! I have to admit I've been spending a lot of my time surfing the net on info for my San Diego/Yuma trip! I'm still very excited about it. I only have one thing left to do, and that's choose a hotel... which I'm having a hard time doing as a lot of the ones in the price range I'd like to pay have a lot of negative comments on Expedia. Should I really be worried about reviews I really won't be spending time in the room besides sleeping!

On Saturday I finished my first ornament for the year, which is finish #3 for 2007. I'm giving myself a little challenge, seeing how many items I can finish before I break down and buy new stash. Now I do have two conditions on my little project challenge. First of all I'm allowed to buy stuff to work on projects I already have, be it fabric, fibres, beads, etc. Also when I do go away in March, any stash bought on my trip doesn't count! Whenever I travel I always try to hit needlework/craft shops in the area.

Charmed Santa Faces

MHCSF14 - Father Christmas
c1999 Mill Hill
Stitched on : perforated paper using DMC cotton floss, Mill Hill Beads & Charm

Of course, yesterday being Saturday also meant it was time for The Castle SAL! Boy do I wish this was my focus project (but I am determined to finish Noah's Sub before the summer!). It stitches up so smoothly so far and I'm really enjoying it. Here's my progress from January 13th.

Today I'm going to work on Tour Des Marques for a few hours. I'm finding now that I'm back to work I'm not accomplishing as much on it during an evening... and well even with my Ott Lite, over one at night is not the easiest. After I get sick of over one I'll switch over to Noah's Sub. I also need to pick a new travel project, most likely a freebie since I finished that Mill Hill Santa.


stitcherw said...

The Santa face turned out very cute. I'm hoping to get some ornaments done this year, I didn't do any last year at all.

Castle is looking so pretty, I love the colors on the fabric you chose. I'm really enjoying looking at everyone's progress on this SAL. I have the castle pattern, and even kitted it up (a couple years ago) but never started it. I kitted it with just a plain antique white. However, seeing everyones beautiful specialty fabrics, when I do get around to doing this one I know I'll pick a different fabric than the white I originally chose. Back then tho I didn't know about all the beautiful dyed fabrics that were available.

quiltorstitch said...

I used to live in Yuma :) Very hot, good thing you are going in the winter time!

You are making good progress on your castle!

Darla said...

Forget Expedia. Use the online Yellow Pages and stay at one of the cheapo "Mom 'n' Pop" generic unbranded places. It's just a bed, and you'll likely get better service in the long run than you will with the Big Name places.

Sapphire said...

I love the Santa - especially how the beads make the beard look 3D.
Cheers, Sapphire

Anonymous said...

Your Santa Face came out great. I love your Castle piece.

Lana said...

The Mill Hill santa is beautiful! very cute! Have fun in San D! I love that place! It's beautfiul!

Karen said...

I love Santa, and the Castle is coming along very nicely!

I'm the absolute worst when it comes to picking a hotel. I'm extremely particular about where I stay. The thought of a dirty bathroom, or less than spotless bed linens turns my blood cold! I rely on reviews of hotels all the time, and so far I haven't had any major problems when I travel. Hold out for a good room for a good price. It's well worth it, if you ask me.

Charity said...

Wow, that Santa is beautiful. I've never stitched on perforated paper before. :) That's something I'll have to try.

The Castle is looking wonderful as well. I can't wait to see it finished.

catandturtle said...

You are crankin' on the castle. It looks awesome. I am starting this one soon too.

Karin said...

Cute ornament Dani! Great progress on the castle too.

Carol said...

I just love your Santa ornament :-)