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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Round Robin Finish

I bet after my regular blogging over the Christmas holidays you were probably thinking that I dropped off of the Blogging Planet. Well I honestly didn't mean to, but back to the real world (work) can be a little busy. Actually my main problem has been headaches and migraines. I've been swinging between the two since Monday.

Monday's headache turned into a migraine, so needless to say nothing really happened in terms of progress. I tried to work on Tour Des Marques but that was a futile attempt.

Last night (Tuesday) I got together for dinner with my friend Kathy (who I met through stitching friends), she was in town. Also it was a great way to fill my time between work and my Guild Executive meeting last night. Unfortunately our time together wasn't long enough (it never is with good friends you don't see often enough). I won't be seeing Kathy again for 3-4 months unless I go down to Arizona for March Break. Incredibly tempting I tell you, I've never been to the Southwest. Needless to say stitching didn't really happen.

Tonight after teaching at TKD I had some stitching time! Yay! Also despite having a headache during the day at work and my eyes burning, also a few hives. By the time I got home I even felt well enough to stitch! Soooo... I finished Misty's Sweetheart Tree Round Robin!

Summer Sunflowers heart
c1996 Snadra Cox Vanosdall/Sweetheart Tree
Stitched on : Waterfall 28ct Jubilee by Silkweavers using DMC, NN, Kreinik, MH Beads

So, that's finish #2 for the year. My next finish will probably be a Mill Hill Ornament I'm working on.


Retta said...

Great little finish :)
I've had migraines since I was about 11 ... not fun and they can really throw a wrench into life. They definitely making stitching hard!

Heidi said...

It came out great! I bet she will love it!

Dawn said...

It looks wonderful!

Lucy said...

That turned out really nice!!! Hope you feel better with the head pains!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty SHT piece. The TW Castle your doing is just awesome

Katrina said...

Such a bright and cheery piece there Dani, hope you're feeling 100% soon!

Leslie aka zoeandcooper said...

What a cute little finish!! Great job:)

Arthemise said...

Your round robin piece looks so cheery. I love Sweetheart Tree.