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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Feeling Better

Thank you for all the get well wishes. They must be working I'm feeling much better today... but then it also helps to take a sick day, which is what I did. I was going around work yesterday sounding just awful and all I kept hearing from the folk at work is boy you don't sound well, you should take a sick day. I'm not 100% but much, much better and will go into work tomorrow.

Unfortuantely there's no stitching progress to show... I'm now working away on my model. I have to stay its stitching up pretty quickly so far. I am held back in a few areas as there are questions to be answered by the designer. I don't wan't to stitch something that I'm second guessing on. There's other bits I can continue to work on so I can keep going. This weekend I'll be taking it easy at home so I can imagine possibly finishing or getting close to finishing the project.

Now that the Biscornu exchange I organized over at my BB Needle and Thread is just about wrapping up, I just introduced a new exchange. I'm hoping there will be just as much response. This exchange is a Christmas/Winter Ornament exchange. I love stitching ornaments so should be lots of fun!
Photo : One of the many gorgeous homes in the 1000 Islands on the St. Lawrence Seaway


Coral said...

I love that house!

Good luck with your model stitching!

You sound better - more cheerful. Good!

Cheryl said...

I can totally sympathise...ive been struck down with the cold this week myself. Isn't it awful?! I had to take a sick day too

Stephanie said...

Hope you're feeling better - colds suck :( At least you will have plenty of time to carry on with your model!

Vonna said...

Glad you're feeling much better :)
And what a home that is...makes you wish you lived there doesn't it?! I know I wish I did! LOL!

Abi said...

That house is gorgeous! I hope you get rid of that cold once and for all!

Jaimie said...

Lovely picture! I'm glad to hear you are feeling better!

Lauren said...

I'm glad you're feeling better! Taking a sick day was probably a really good idea.

Claire said...

It looks like you had a wonderful trip! Yeah:) Can't wait to see the model. Keep healthy chicky.


Lynn said...

So glad to hear you're feeling better too! I ended up having to take two days. This one really knocked me down.
Nice picture, I'd have no problem living there!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a view they have from the porch. I'd LOVE to live there.

Glad you are feeling better.