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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

SBQ, A Question and A Photo Hunt

Well I have nothing near as exciting to tell you about after this past weekend's retreat! So I'll give you a mish-mash of things tonight.

First an old SBQ for you this one from September 6th

Q : Would you ever stitch one of your BAPs a second time? (This does not include starting over because of mistakes, bad fabric, etc., rather stitching something from the first stitch for a second time.)

A : Hmmm no. If I ever did, it would be because of one of three reasons. Either one of my pieces was damaged beyond repair and I have a strong sentimental connection with it. Someone I really cared for deserved to have it stitched for them and its just the perfect piece. Or someone offered me a disgusting amount of money for it.

Now for a question from Judy

Q : The Legend of Sleepy Hallow piece from The Cricket Collection sure is a cool looking design. Do you think you'll stitch it up the same way as their model is done?

A : For sure! I think that's a huge part of its charm!

Finally, Photo Hunt #75 Plastic :
This plastic and feather tiara was given to my nephew Nick on his birthday as a joke by one of his buddies.

Oh and a stitching update ... I really, really, really want to work on my class pieces form Jeannette. Alas, I must be disciplined... I only worked on my needle case a little bit! I've got the center panel all stitched up. When I got home from work today I pulled all the floss that I'm going to need for Heather's neighbourhood RR. She has a farm theme. I've chosen to stitch for her the center panel from Dragon Dreams Of Farm and Field. I think its just perfect! I've got a small start on that tonight. I did need a bit of a nap on the couch this evening.
I'm really looking forward to this weekend. Finally I'm having some stitchers come out to my place! If you're one of my regular readers you know I'm quite the road warrior, its often easier for me to go to someones then for them to come out to me (life is much easier when you don't have kiddies to take care of). So coming out this weekend are : Christin, Chrisanne, Lynn, and Rebecca. If you're a stitcher that lives in the national capital region and would like to come out and stitch with us on Saturday. Drop me a line.


Rebecca (AKA - Rebel In Ontario) said...

I'm getting so excited about this weekend! I CAN'T WAIT...I just have to get two pans of lasagna pre-made, the cake ordered, loot bags made up, pinata filled, house cleaned, birthday presents bought and wrapped, fabric and ribbon/cord bought for my flat I had better get a move on tonight and tomorrow night!

Karin said...

I wish I lived a bit closer and then I would join you! Have a great time with your guests.

Anonymous said...

Have a great weekend stitching!

My stitching group meets tomorrow. I'm so looking forward to it. I missed last month's meeting.

Lynn said...

Looking forward to the weekend. Any preference for dessert? I'll see you Saturday morning. How early do you want me there?

Hazel said...

Your retreat looked great and those desserts..... mmmmmmm...... xxx

Lauren said...

I hope you have a great weekend! I can't wait to see a finished pic of your needlebook!

Beatrice said...

If I only lived closer to you!! I'd be there.
Have a great time.