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Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Nice Day Out

This morning instead of lazing about in bed, I got up and went to pick up my Mum. Instead of taking the direct route I decided to go there the round-about way, taking a few dirt roads. I came across this lovely scene of two Belgian's (I think they were Belgians, I know they're not Clydesdales) hanging in the shade of a big old tree.

Once I picked my Mum up we again went the round-about way, taking some more back roads to our destination. We came across this group of four Turkey Vultures, sitting around as the air currents weren't ideal for them to get up in the air.
Finally we got to the Country Quilter to check out their annual quilt show. I absolutely love this little exhibit! The Country Quilter is in an old house, and their exhibit is essentially quilts hanging from ropes strung between the trees in the back yard. Its just so lovely (despite the mosquitoes).

This quilt... I AM GOING TO WIN I bought 3 raffle tickets, but the draw isn't until October.

At first I thought this was someones "signature" on the back of a quilt. LOL it was a REAL dragonfly!

Of course the day involved shopping too! I bought these fat quarters, a few are for the finishing on Flip flops and the others I just liked, including one for my dragon stash (what I'm going to do with those dragon fabbies I have no clue). We followed The Country Quilter up with a trip to Quilting Quarters, then Dragon's Liar Beads. Finally we went and had lunch... a very late lunch before I took Mum home. It was a nice crafty day out with my Mum, we haven't done that in ages!

Once I was back home, and since Todd wasn't around I worked on his Christmas stocking. At the moment it doesn't look like much since its just a bunch of outlines. I think on Sunday I'll be able to start working on Santa... its a great stocking, perfect for the fisherman in your life!

I've been meaning to share these... its a graduation gift I got form one of the students graduating next week. He had a lovely note inside the box, his grandmother made all these gorgeous cards! I'll be holding onto these for just the right occasion!


Karen said...

wow those quilts are fantastic I hope you win looks like you had a good day out

Christine said...

There are some fantastic quilts there, and I love how they are displayed. Hope you win the raffle

Kathy A. said...

Oh Dani that looks like such a fun day. I wish I had been there. I would have loved all those quilts. Your new fabric are gorgeous. The ones you picked for the flipflops is great!
Where is that quilt shop?

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh about the dragonfly.

I thought the EXACT same thing. If you look, the stitching appears to go through the wings. I thought it was part of the design.

All of the quilts are gorgeous. Good luck. Hope you win the one you bought raffle tickets for.

claudia said...

What a nice day! I am thinking just the perfect day for you and your Mum. Peaceful and colorful!
I will keep my fingers crossed that you do win that quilt, they are all so gorgeous.
And what a nice gift those cards are.

Silverlotus said...

Wow, those are beautiful quilts. One day, when the little man is older, I hope to take up quilting. (Like I need another hobby!)

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

So many great pictures I felt like I traveled along with you and your mum on this trip. The stocking is taking shape and the gift was lovely. CJ ok;-)

Olenka's Stitches said...

Thank you for the pretty pictures from your and your mother's trip! Good luck on winning the gordeous quilt!

devonaz said...

Oh I am so jealous,,,look at those beautiful quilts..and what a lovely way to spend the day,,,you needed it...thanks for sharing...and I hope you win that quilt...

Mary said...

I enjoyed seeing the quilts sooo much. It was like I was there. And to see the horses and birds as well... and the dragonfly. Your pictures came out amazing! The quilts were gorgeous! I'm glad you and your mum had such a great time and could share your love of the needleworks together.

Happy Sunday!

tkdquintmom said...

Beautiful quilts! What a perfect road trip. Don't ya hate working on 'secret' projects because if you're like me, ya want to keep working on them when they either enter the room or come back from where they are!

Sara said...

Looks like you had a great time, good luck on the quilt raffle!

Can't wait to see how your stocking turns out!

Tama said...

Whoa - those quilts are incredible! I want the one you're bidding on and the center one in the second pic.
I like your other pics, too. Horses are my favs :D I even like buzzards as long as they don't get too close!
Good luck with the stocking!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Dani,

Your photos are wonderful!!

I love seeing the turkey vultures
hanging out together. Most often
they are just large shapes wheeling
around in the sky over the road so
it's cool to see them clearly and
up close.

The quilts are spectacular. It's
like a colourful garden, with the
quilts being the flowers. Such
gorgeous colours and designs. And
that one being raffled off is so
striking looking. I'm hard put to
choose which quilt appeals to me
the most.

The picture of the dragon fly on
the quilt is a wonderful shot. It
really does look as if the little
creature was sewn onto the fabric.

What a wonderful day out you and
your Mom had together.


CindyMae said...

Great pics! Sounds and looks like you had a lovely day. The quilts are fabulous! Great new stash too!

Wanda said...

Dani...great pictures! The nature ones are so clear and beautiful. The quilt show really looks like it was fun and ... happy! I'm so glad you had a day with your Mom!

SueFitz said...

Beautiful quilts

Karan said...

Those quilts make a gorgeous display - lovely pics again Dani. Pretty fabrics too. Like your ornie finishes & will enjoy seeing the stocking develop further. What a lovely gift too. :0)

Jenny said...

Very cool dragonfly - how neat that you were able to snap a photo - I always miss those types of pictures! :) Love the whole quilt show.

Suzanne said...

All those quilts are gorgeous! Good luck with the raffle.

Beatrice said...

It looks like you had a beautiful day for the quilt show...they are pretty.
Was there someone there with a pee shooter to keep the birds away????

Pretty fabbies and I see a stocking!!
Aren't the cards pretty..nice gift!

Karen said...

Wow. Those quilts are amazing, and the "one you are going to win" is incredible!! The turkey vultures are cool, too.

Aussie Stitcher said...

Those quilts are gorgeous, good luck for the draw to win one. It is such a sad thing to have happened to your friends, Claire and Patrick. Dani I had a miscarriage some years ago. My MIL bought me a book, though sad, I found it very helpful in dealing with my grief, knowing that I wasn't alone. Here is a link to the book I know that Claire didn't have a miscarriage, what she has gone through is terrible. I sent this book to my cousin who sadly lost a baby at 22 weeks gestation, and she said that the book was a great help for her. This may be helpful for your friend during this difficult time.

Julie said...

Good Luck, i hope you win that stunning quilt, what a lovely way to spend a day.
Nice gift you received too.

Anonymous said...

a sight for sore eyes, all those colourful quilts - sounds like yohad an excellent day out

stitcherw said...

The quilt exhibit must have been fantastic to see in person, the pictures are awesome. Loved your earlier finish of Garden too, that is a gorgeous piece. So sorry to hear about Clair, how heartbreaking that would be to have to deal with. Hopefully they've found a bit of peace by now, although it would be something I don't think you ever really get over.