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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Yo yo, Results, July Goals & PhotoHunt oh MY!

Yup I'm officially re-naming myself from TKDchick to Yo yo. Back up again at the scales... up one pound. Am I surprised, not really. Last week was incredibly chaotic for me, my days were all over the place, I didn't take a lunch three days in a row, I worked until 5:30 one night (I finish work at 3:30), then went in for 7am the next day, thus my stress level was up, my organization & planning went out the window. I packed chaotic lunches, I can assure it it wasn't balanced, it was more like throwing already packaged things in my lunch bag... yogurt, granola bars, apples, microwave popcorn, etc. Then there was end of year treats around, with my stress level being up, my resistance was down. One night I had a DQ Blizzard for dinner, the next day I had a cinnamon bun for breakfast (oh if they hadn't had those on the table I would of been okay), then another one for lunch. Then there was a small shared popcorn at the movies. So, as you can see it was all my own fault. But this is the start of a new week and I can focus on organization and better choices.

Today I had my appointment with the Internalist who sent me for cardiac testing about a month ago now. My testing has come back clean, so there are no concerns over my heart (remember my fainting episode?). He did receive a letter from my allergist and between the three of us we agreed to treat this as Exercise Induced Anaphalaxis.

Now onto the fun stuff!!! Stitching and goals! I had a little time with Todd's Stocking this afternoon... before another nap! This evening after Taekwon-Do I pulled out Art Deco Spirits. At the moment its white on white... oh yay!

June Goal - Recap
Finish Blackstone Fantasy Garden - Yeah baby!
Stitch Two Ornaments - Yuppers!
Work on Todd's Stocking - Yes, aren't I a good girl?
Work on Art Deco Spirits - For sure!

Not on the goal list, but I also pulled out Tour des Marques, and worked on it twice!

July Goals
Stitch Two Ornaments
Work on Todd's Stocking
Work on Art Deco Spirits
Work on Tour des Marques

Tomorrow is Canada Day! The forecast is kinda crappy so I suppose I'll be stitching, and if it does turn into a nice day I'll stitch on the deck at the cottage instead.

Finally another PhotoHunt to amuse you with. PhotoHunt #152 "Space"

This was a simple choice, one of my photos of the shuttle launch this past March. One of the most exhilarating experiences in my life!


CindyMae said...

First of all, I am soooo glad that it is not your heart! That is great news. That is a lovely pic!! Great goals. Sorry you are up a little on the scales, but Dani, you are doing fantastic!! Don't get discouraged!!

Cindy Mae
My store opens July 1st

Sadie said...

Good news from the cardiologist. Hopefully they can treat you so this doesn't happen again. Don't beat yourself up about your small gain, like you said this is a new week and you can concentrate on the coming week.
That photo is awesome.
Hope you have a great week x

Christine said...

Glad the news from the cardiologist is good.
Congratulations on meeting your stitchy targets for June

Artystitches said...

Thats good news! i read your post about what happened before and glad all is ok. Bring on the stitchy goals!

Vonna said...

I'm glad that your health is clean. Have you considered yourself at goal? Apparently your body thinks so?

Julie said...

Glad your results came back fine.
Well done on your goals for June.
Happy Canada Day!

Karan said...

Great news that your heart is OK Dani. Hope you can now avoid a recurrence..... so take it easy girl! :0)
WTG on the goals & Good Luck with this month's. :0)

Charlene said...

Good health news! Congrats on your goals - wtg, girl! I totally the closer to goal wt, the more flux you see. The ol bod saying, hey, wait a minute, I really need to keep a little for me! You've done such a great job!!

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

As long as that yo, yo swings in your favor occasionally I would call it good. Congrats on acheiving your June goals in stitching. Glad you received a final diagnosis, and one you can live with. CJ ok;-)

Cindy F. said...

So relieved to hear your heart is not the problem!! Maybe you should run with a friend! Very scarey that you could have this attack with no one around! BE CAREFUL!!!

Beautiful pic!!

Silverlotus said...

Way to go on your stitching goals.

And, hey, we all have bad food weeks. For me it is stretching into a bad food month. But I'm still down 35lbs, so I'm happy.

valerie said...

Oh so relieved you are ok...although being allergic to exercise has it's ups and downs. Don't worry about being up a week, you'll probably lose it! Enjoy the holiday and stitch much!

Doris said...

i am so glad,that your heart is health,, take care Dani
great photo.

oh,my blog have a new url,the new one is :

sorry for the trouble.

Wanda said...

Hurray! I'm so happy you had a clean report from the heart people! The shuttle launch picture is so wonderful. I can well imagine it being a high point in life! I walked on the Great Wall of China. That was one of mine. Too bad I don't have pictures from the early 80's when I did so much traveling. What was I thinking??