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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

September Goals and More Monograms

Its been a busy beginning of the month that I haven't had a chance to share my September stitching goals yet... so here they are!

August Goal Review
Work on Todd's Stocking - yes
Work on Tour - yes
Stitch Two Ornaments - yes

September Goals
Finish Todd's Stocking
Stitch 2 Ornaments
Work on Tour

I've taken the time to whip up another monogram!

Red Threads Letter "A"
cRosewood Manor
Stitched on 28ct White Lugana
Stitched with Carrie's Creation Masquerade


Lauralness said...

I love these monograms

Anonymous said...

Very pretty A, Dani!

Doris said...

A very prettu monogram Dani. the todd stotcking is amazing too.

Wendy said...

Nice stitching!!

I have a surprise for you on my blog! Go take a look at it for it please.

riona said...

Nice progress on goals ... I am still working out what makes for achievable goals myself ... I never quite meet the goals I set.

Julie said...

Lovely ornie.

RAK bunnys can only go to stitchers who i have addresses for otherwise its not a surprise!!! LOL

Carolyn NC said...

Love these - very pretty!

RuthB said...

Very pretty monogram. Maybe what I need is to set some goals -- maybe then I'd get something done.

Gabi said...

Lovely monogram. Looks so pretty.

stitcherw said...

Very pretty monogram. Looks like you did good on your Aug. goals, looking forward to your Sept. ones, especially your finishing of Todd's stocking. Loved your pictures of your stitching weekend, and congratulations on reaching lifetime status with WW, what an accomplishment.