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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Photo Hunt "Garbage"

Since I'm being greedy and saving my Tour progress until Sunday night I'd like to entertain you with another Photo Hunt (I'm half way through the list from 2009 right now!).

This theme is "Garbage"

This is Mike, the head custodian at work. At any school the custodians play such an important role! Its always advisable to keep your custodians on your good side... for that time you really need a little help in the clean-up department!


claudia said...

He looks like a happy man! and yes, thank goodness for custodians!

Anonymous said...

I STILL remember the custodian from my junior high school, Mr. Conover. He was SUCH a nice man.

Laural said...

Custodians are are definitely under appreciated almost all of the time.