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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekend Update

I've had a busy weekend, I was involved in more fundraising events which for some reason really tired me out. In seven weeks I'm going to the Dominican Republic with 10 students, we're participating in a Social Justice Awareness project, living with Dominican families for a week and being exposed to the developing nation side of the D.R., not the resort side. This project has been a lot of work, and has been in progress since about May/June 2009. Finally were down to the final days. In my running around for this weekend's fundraising efforts I've put over 200KMs on my car! I lost a lot of my precious stitching time this afternoon/evening taking a nap! I was just exhausted! I hope after this weekend we are very close to our fundraising goal!

When I've had the energy to this weekend I've been working on Tour Des Marques and the project is coming right along nicely!

I am still keeping up with the Photo A Day project. One of them, Saturday's photo I can't wait to share with you... its totally stitching related!

Thursday January 14 - We have had more freezing drizzle and fog, which can make nature look beautiful! I pulled out my macro lens for this one again. The a closeup of the ice crystals on one of the evergreens in my yard.

Thursday January 14 BONUS! - I thought this was just too cute! Hunter was watching me through the window while I was traipsing around in the snow in my yard taking my pictures. Sometimes I wonder what's going through my cat's head.

Friday January 15 - Gassing up! Filling up the tank for running the roads this weekend.

Saturday January 16 - My new stitching chair! I've always wanted a recliner and while I was in Costco on Friday night, I spotted this baby and the price was too good to be true. When I got home from the grocery run I told Todd all about it. Saturday morning, Todd headed out with his truck and trailer to be at Costco for when it opened and picked it up for me. A very early birthday present (combined with some Christmas/Bday money from my Mum too), which isn't until the end of March. But if you shop in Costco you know that one day they have lots and two days later they're all out and they never get anymore in. I love my new stitching chair!
Sunday January 17 - This is something I've spotted from time to time, running shoes that have been thrown onto power lines. Is this a form of teenage cruelty/bullying? Is there's a reason/ritual, just for fun? Has anyone ever seen this in their area? I spotted these shoes while driving home from our fundraising event and just had to photograph the shoes!


tkdquintmom said...

I've been waiting to see pics of the chair....oooooo! It's one of those you sit in and get completely lost in it! Love it!...and I haven't seen the shoe thing in a LONG time but I have seen it before and yes, teenage cruelty/bullying is usually the factor. Big meanies...Enjoy the chair..I see Hungry has already! LOl

Cole said...

Love the pictures!! I love the chair... I wouldn't give up my recliner for anything :)

I can't wait to hear about your experience in the Dominican, I'm sure it will be extremely rewarding.

Katri said...

Great progress with the Tower!

And great photos, too. Love the one with Hunter!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! We see the trainer thing a lot around here, I've always thought it was kids being horrible to others, to try and get them into trouble with their parents. I know if I'd gone home shoeless when I was a kid my Mum would have gone berserk! Enjoy the chair, it looks very comfy, perfect for stitching!

Giovanna said...

TdM is coming along so well! I like your shots too, and congrats on conquering your dream chair.

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

The chair is very inviting. We see shoes hanging from the wires all over the place in our city and rumor has it that they signify a drug house is nearby. Nice eh? Usually the truth too. Your TDM is taking shape quickly. It's always fun to see new progression and makes you want to stitch faster.
Be always in stitches.

Anonymous said...

The shoes hanging from wires represent that someone in that area is selling drugs. I'm a member of the parent council at my son's high school. At one of the meetings last year, the principal informed us about the shoes.

Ann Christie

Becky K in OK said...

So great to see your stitching chair. I have stitched in a recliner at least 20 years and find it the best for me. Enjoy! Love the photo of your cat.

Bonnie Brown said...

The chair looks awesome!
Hope you do get some rest after your busy weekend.

riona said...

As always, I enjoy watching progress on your current BAP ... TdM is looking good. Yes, I have seen the shoe thing often enough but not in the past few years ... I am guessing the bullies have moved on to more hard-core cruelty. Even here in suburbia we have a strong gang presence in our middle and high schools and I just don't see gang memebers or gang wannabes being satisfied with such comparatively mild cruelties. As to your photos, love them all but particularly those of the evergreen and of Hunter's eyes peering out of the darkened window. I envy your recliner but the rooms in my townhouse are just too small and the ceilings too low for such a massive piece of furniture ... especially since I already have to deal with a massive wooden rocker my husband bought to accomodate his girth. My sister-in-law christened it the Edith-Ann chair after the oversized chair Gilda Radner used for one of her comedy routines. It can accomodate two normal sized people and the rocker bars are twice as wide and three times as thick as on conventional rockers ... and the rest of the chair is built in much the same proportions. It takes two people to lift it. I just drag it across the carpet when I vacuum.

AnnMcD said...

I have seen shoes hanging like that in Cobourg and wondered what was behind it. No surprise now to learn that it signifies drug dealing...that seems to be everyewhere!
Don't wear yourself out before your big trip...but then you can always relax at Timberhouse when you get home from teh DR.

Laural said...

This sounds like an awesome undertaking!! Great work on your stitching. Naps are totally worth not having to rip out messed up stitches due to tiredness. I *heart* my recliner and reclining couch. I don't know how I stitched for years without one. No leg, feet swelling from having your knees bent for such a long time.

Angela said...

Love your new stitching recliner, it looks comfy! The pic of Hunter is gorgeous you captured it wonderfully. Love your stitching progress :) Didn't realize the hanging shoes had to do with drugs will keep my eyes open more now.

claudia said...

That recliner looks so comfy! I wouldn't get much stitching done in that chair though. I'm afraid I'd be taking naps in it instead!
Love that picture of Hunter in the window. You get the best pics.
Great progress on Tour Des Marques.
Get some rest after your busy weekend. YOu need to be rested for that trip!

Sadie said...

Oh wow! Love the recliner! Great progress on Tour. My fave pic is the one of hunter. Our cat Travis watches us out of the window too.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your new chair.

I love the picture of the single evergreen branch and the one of Hunter looking through the window. My! What big yellow eyes you have!

Heidi said...

Great pictures!! I love the shot of Hunter watching you in the window!!! The reflection of the tree and his bright eyes!!! And the ice crystals on the evergreen is great too!!! So glad you are taking these pictures!

I didn't realize you were going to the Dominican Republic with some students!! Can't wait to hear more about that, hope you have a great trip!

Ingrid said...

Love the pictures!! And Tour Des Marques looks fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your new stitching chair!

As to the shoes over the wires, around here you see a lot of combat boots thrown over the wires. It's a sort of celebration of a Marine ending his enlistment/retiring, so it doesn't always have to be a bad thing ;) Of course, you also see a lot of old combat boots that have had flowers planted in them :D


Claire said...

Love the chair girl!!! So glad you found a nice comfy recliner to stitch in:)

Terri said...

Dani it looks great. Love the pictures :)

Suzanne said...

Love the stitching chair, it looks very comfy.

Lynn said...

Nice chair Dani! Looks like it might be useful for naps too.
I've often seen sneakers up over the hydro wires like that. How do they manage to get them up there in the first place without being caught?

Connie said...

For years I wondered about the shoes on the lines and then I learned it meant illegal drugs for sale.

I love your new stitching chair. It's absolutely lovely. Looks comfy too.

Kathy A. said...

What a wonderful stitchy chair. You deserve it. Enjoy!
Tour is looking great. Nice work

Doris said...

oh, i love the new chari look so comfy! take care in the trip.

Christine said...

Great photos, speecially the one of your cat watching you through the window.
I always thought that shoe/drug connection was an urban myth.
Good luck with your fundraising

Karan said...

Fab pics (especially those gorgeous eyes!). That chair looks so comfy it should encourage plenty more stitching time. Tour is growing well. :0)
Good Luck with the fundraising too. :0)

Rebecca (AKA - Rebel In Ontario) said...

So now you just need a second chair so when I come to visit I have one as well!

Heidi said...

Thank you so much for your comment on my picture of the frosty tree too! I had alot of fun getting that shot, hubby was a BIG enabler....we enjoyed the day out together as well! It is definately one of my favorites!

Heidi said...

P.S. I left you something on my blog!

Jo said...

Love your chair!!

I'm a bit behind and just read your post about WW... keep going, that little bit of weight WILL go away aagin. I finally joined WW last night. 1 day in so far. hopefully this will be more successful that last years gym effort (yup, another unused membership - although I did go for a swim and shower when our boiler broke last week!!)

Striving for a Simple Life said...

Love the picture of your cat!


Karen said...

Fabulous pictures, Dani. I love your new chair, too! And your stitching looks great.

Julie said...

Hunters pic is amazing.
Nice chair, more sleep instead of stitching when you get comfy in that i bet!!

Hope you raised enough funds

Sharon said...

Love the picture of Hunter! I have seen shoes thrown over lines like that-for what purpose I have no idea.

Jeanne said...

Dani, your Tour seemed so huge to start with and it's really taking shape. Looks fantastic too. I'm afraid if I started that it would take me 10 yrs to complete. Congrats on your new stitching chair and you're right- you have to jump quickly at Costco cause if you decide to go back later it's gone. I have a new little recliner on order for my family room and can't wait to try it out. By the way, I had to drive by pair of shoes hanging from a power line on my way to work for like 3 years until the shoestrings finally rotted enough that they finally fell down. Guess it's just a teenager thing.

Holly B said...

Here is the 411 from Wiki Answers:

What is the meaning of tennis shoes hanging from a telephone wire?

It can mean a variety of things and can vary regionally. Here are a few meanings:

* They are the shoes of a friend lost to violence thrown up in a memorial near their place of death.
* Signifies that drugs are sold at that location
* Marks gang territory
* You have bullies in your area and they took another kids shoes for a game of keep away.
* Someone got a new pair of tennies and just thought of a way to get rid of the old ones.

Lillie said...

WIP is looking good. Wonderful pics. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the photo of Hunter ^^ and yes, I have also heard that hanging shoes means drug-dealers in the area - not such a nice thought :os

Carolyn NC said...

Love all the pics, especially those eerie eyes of Hunter! Nice progress on Tour and I love your stitching chair. Good luck with your trip!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Dani,

There's a tree at the side of
the a road not too far from us
that is covered with shoes
hanging from the branches by
their laces. Not just sneakers
but regular shoes as well. The
tree and the shoes hang over the
road and when it's windy..well..
the shoes dance. Weird but cool.

The new stitching chair is
awesome! I see Hungry has
already claimed a spot on it.
We don't shop at Costco
because we don't have one
anywhere near us, but I've
heard about their great deals
on just about anything you
can imagine from friends who
do shop there. Happy
stitching in your new chair.

Tour Des Marques continues to
impress with all it's very
fine details being revealed as
you stitch it. I followed the
link you provided to see what
the finished piece will look
like and it is stunning!

Hope everything falls into
place regarding your trip to
the Dominican. It sounds like
it'll be quite the experience
for all concerned.


Heidi said...

I'm using Photoshop Elements. Alot of what I do is trial and error lol!

Wanda said...

Awesome chair, Dani! And beautiful, wonderful pictures as well!