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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Catching up on PhotoHunts

Unfortunately I have no stitching to share with you.  Life has been VERY busy and will continue to be so for about the next two weeks.  I have two major fundraisers going on at work for our Dominican Experience Project, they are keeping me quite busy and preoccupied.

I am working on an ornament, but its top secret, for an upcoming exchange.

I am quite looking forward to this weekend, after work I'm hitting the road down to Brighton with a stop with Kathy on the way (before she heads South for the winter).  I'm going to have a visit with Ann and do her a favour on Saturday by keeping her needlework store, Knowledge and Needles open for the day.  So if you need to pick up some stitching supplies ... you know where to go on Saturday!

Instead I'll get all caught up on the last few weeks of PhotoHunt

October 16 - Miniature

Miniature - a child's toy front end pay loader.  I spotted this abandoned toy "cleaning" up the fall leaves while out for a walk with Bonnie a few weeks ago.

October 23 - Orange (this seems to be a frequent topic for some reason)

This was another treasure of a shot I came up with while prowling the Antique/Flea Market/Junk Shop on Saturday with Tracey.

October 30 (a day early) - Dark
The Village is a dark silhouette against the setting sun


Crazee4books said...

Hi Dani,

Last night, while walking home
from Curves, the sky to the west
of here was ablaze with color!!
The clouds were a deep purple
and the horizon looked as if it
were on fire!! It was breath-
taking. Sadly, I didn't have
my camera with me and by the
time I got home the sun had sunk
below the tree/roof line and
there wasn't anything left to
photograph. Darn!

Loved exploring the Ottawa
Valley, and that Antique/junk
place as seen through your
camera lens. Seeing your
subject choices and the way
you photograph them gives me
tips and ideas for when I am
using my own camera.

And isn't the Fall the best
time of year for taking
pictures?? You betcha!!

Have fun visiting with Kathy
and running Knowledge and
Needles for Ann this weekend.
Wish I could manage to drop
by and say hi ... and maybe
pick up a few things.


Lynn said...

Great photos Dani! Enjoy your time with Kathy and say hi for me.

Beatrice said...

I'll see you Kathy's for a little while Friday ( I need to say goodbye too) and will come and stitch on Saturday with you!!!!
I Love your photo's!

Anonymous said...

I wonder what kind of house had orange shutters.

I love that photo though. Very interesting composition.

Patty C. said...

Lovely photos
Enjoy your visits
Have a great weekend :)

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely photos. Have a great weekend.

riona said...

I love the photos, particularly the one of the village. I am not sure I would be able to take over for the day at an LNS unless I left all my plastic at home ... think of all the temptation if things got a bit slow ... I'd end upbeing my own best customer for the day.

Christine said...

Great photos, loved the one of the little tonka truck cleaning up the leaves

Alice said...

Amazing photos Dani! How eerie that one of the village is... perfect for Halloween!

Jo said...

lovely photos as always. I especially like orange

Wendy said...

wauw, pretty photo´s !
the last one is definitely my fovorite !

Bekca said...

I know how you feel Dani, I do fundraising for our Moldova project at school, so I know what you mean about keeping busy! Great photos, I like "orange" the best :)