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Saturday, October 02, 2010

October Stitchy Goals, This Week's Progress & PhotoHunt

This week I took a little more me time here and there and actually found some time to stitch!  I actually made myself stop for a change and took a night to myself on Wednesday, instead of going to the gym, for a run, or Taekwon-Do.  I even backed out on a Silpada (jewellery) party my good friend was having.  Instead I went home and just RELAXED!  You know you're burning the candle at both ends when you're feeling exhausted and several people at work say to you in the morning (after you've already been up for over an hour) boy you really look like you need that coffee (actually it was a lg steeped tea from Tim Hortons).

Due to this evening of relaxing and being self indigent I do feel like my current block on Art Deco Spirits is finally coming together!  I haven't really pulled out any of my other project this week and I think I'll stick with ADC this weekend.

September Goal Review
Stitch 1 ornament - Yes!

Work on Art Deco Spirits - Yes
Work on The Accolade - Yes
October Goal Review
Stitch Blogiversary Gift
Stitch 1 Ornament
Work on Art Deco Spirits
This week's PhotoHunt theme is : Letters
Here is another one of the many, many, many pictures I took during my Dominican Experience in March 2010!  On our day trip to Santo Domingo we visited a small school for young underprivileged children on the edge of the slums of Simon Bollivar.  We delivered a suitcase full of packages from another school in Ottawa to the kids of this school.  They each received a letter, portrait, and treat.  This little boy is "reading" (I doubt he knew any English) his letter


Christine said...

Well done on your September goals. Your Art Deco Spirits is really coming along.
Love the picture of the little boy looking at his letter

Sadie said...

I can really see the progress on ADS Dani. Sometimes a little time to yourself is just what the doctor ordered :-)

Lesleyanne said...

Well done on your September goals. Good luck with your goals for October. Lovely progress on your ADS. Love the photo hunt picture.

EvalinaMaria said...

Great gols for October, keep it up! Love your stitching and thank you for sharing your PhotoHunt.

jane said...

Art Deco Spirits is coming on really well. Well done to you for taking that "me" time - sometimes it is just what is needed!

Aussie Stitcher said...

Well done on meeting all of your goals and taking some time out for yourself, we all need some of that at times. Your Art Deco piece is coming along nicely.

Jo said...

Great photo Dani! I'm glad you made time to relax!!