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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

WIP Progress and Retro Photo Hunt

Its the middle of the week, I know, I know and I'm finally sharing my weekend stitching progress.  I managed to have a fairly quiet and low key weekend (I know rare for this girl).  I took advantage of having some time to stitch and time to just rest!  So let's get down to business!

I worked on several projects this weekend.

I spent the majority of my waking time working on Art Deco Spirits, I've finally gotten through those huge blocks of white, black and grey.  Of course I've moved onto more grey.

I gave Enchantment of Winter a little bit of attention as well.  I got a little tired of counting around and putting in gold confetti here and there so I pulled out the lovely purple silk and worked with that instead.

I also had a travel project, it really wasn't moving very quickly and didn't look like much until after a little needle time this weekend.  This is a class piece from the Creativ Festival given by Jennifer Aikman-Smith of Dragon Dreams when I last went a few years ago.  I'll give you more details on my next post, right now I'm too lazy to get up and go get it!  I have way too many class pieces waiting to be stitched up. But then who doesn't have a lot of projects waiting to be started?

Now how about a retro photo hunt?  This is from the end of August 2009, "Surprise"

In March of this year my friend Ann turned 60 and with my help and that of a few others her husband was able to throw her a fantastic surprise party!  Ann was shocked and overjoyed when she saw that her family had made the 3 hour drive to be there too!  Ann's reaction was the BEST surprise party reaction I have ever witnessed!  Here she is with one of her brothers.

My run is coming up father than I thought it ever would now, its this Sunday!  I am very proud to say I have surpassed my fundraising goal this year!  My total is over $1100.00 all going to Breast Cancer research!  Thank you to many of you fantastic readers who have made online donations!  There is still plenty of time to make a donation if you wish!  Click HERE to go to my personal donation page.


Lesleyanne said...

Good luck for Sunday. Lovely progress on your WIPs. Lovely "Surprise" photo. Ann looks thrilled to bits.

Giovanna said...

Great going on the stitching - look forward to seeing more of the DD class piece. Have a great run on Sunday!

Christine said...

Great progress on your WIPs.
Good luck with the run at the weekend

Siobhan said...

That is such a great photo. The word that the picture paints is "Joy". Really neat.

Great progress on your WIPs!

Sadie said...

You are making great progress on all your WIPs Dani :-)
I really LOVE the purple silk :-) so yummy!

Kathy A. said...

Very nice stitching there hon. But 3 projects at a time? That's not like you.
I love that picture of Ann and her brother.
Congrats on making your goal for the run. I will be cheering you on from my recliner.

Lynn said...

Love the picture of Ann and her brother!
Your WIP are all looking good. I really like ADS. It's such a cool piece.
Good luck with the run!

Aussie Stitcher said...

Best of luck for your run, well on exceeding your fund raising amount. Your wips are looking great.

Karen said...

Art Deco Spirits is really coming along! That is a great pic of your friend Ann. She looks so happy. :)

Bekca said...

Great progress on your WIPs, you must be pleased to be moving on from those colour blocks on Art Deco Spirits. This post's photo is so sweet, and very fitting to the theme :) Happy stitching to you.

lorir said...

Good luck with the run, Dani. WIP's looking good. Lori Ryan

Jodie said...

Nice progress! And awesome that you've raised so much for Run for the Cure! My running group is running it too here in Peterborough. Unfortunately I have to work so I won't be running with them, but my thoughts are with you (and them)....GREAT JOB!!!

Bette said...

Stitching is looking great. Good luck on your run this weekend!

Elaine said...

Great wips Dani and lovely photo of your friend.
Good luck on the run and congrats on raising all that money.

Sally said...

Good luck for your run Dani!

Love your WIPs. I love seeing what you're working on. Can't wait to see more of your class project.

Love the photo of your friend.