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Friday, September 10, 2010

September Stitching Goals & PhotoHunt Is Back!

I was saying just this past weekend to my stitchy friends (featured in last blog entry) I wanted to start blogging more frequently again, like I used to!  My number of blog entries per year has steadily dropped over the last 2ish years.  Of course I've stopped sitting at home on my behind and just stitching and blogging and got active and lost weight instead.  Which is a huge bonus... but when you get active in one area, some other area always has to suffer.

We are definitely well into September now, its about time we had a chat about what I wanted to do last month and what I'd like to get done this month... stitching wise that is!

August Goal Review

Stitch 2 Ornaments
Stitch Beatrice's RR
Work on Art Deco Spirits

September Goals
Stitch 1 ornament
Work on Art Deco Spirits
Work on The Accolade

Tonight/this weekend I plan on starting my September ornament.  This month's ornament is the last in a series of 3 I've been working on.  This month, its "Joy".

PhotoHunt is back!  Well I'm hoping to start doing this weekly again.  It actually never went away I just kinda stopped doing it, life got busy, I wasn't taking too many pictures, you know all the usual excuses.  Did I mention I'm a procrastinator?

This week's theme is hot, put your hand over a candle... and its hot!

Prayer candles at St. Anne de Beaupre Cathedral, Quebec City, Quebec


Lesleyanne said...

Good luck with your September goals. Love the candle photo.

Hazel said...

I know what you mean. I struggle to keep up with blogging and posting - so many other things to do - but I'm making more of an effort now. Oooooh and I have a giveaway too if you've not already stopped by. x

shakatak66 said...

Love the Hot photo! To be honest I've struggled a bit recently with the later PH themes and haven't bothered doing a few of them. I enjoy cheating and uploading a few weeks worth at a time ;) Look forward to seeing Joy all finished :D

Christine said...

Good luck with your September goals!
That candle picture would make a beautiful Christmas card

Sally said...

Good luck with your September goals.

I love your candle photo.

Elaine said...

Lovely photo Dani.
Good luck with your September goals.

Lynn said...

I'm glad you're back to Photohunt. I enjoy seeing your pics. Nice shot of the candles!
Good luck with your goals for the month.

Bette said...

Have always enjoyed your photos. So glad they will be back.

Carolyn NC said...

Nice goals and picture!

Jules said...

Great picture!

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Well, don't do like me - I've been sitting here ALL day and haven't made a stitch or any activity! Gotta get my behind moving!
Pretty photo.

What will I do without bloglines??

Meadows08 said...

I love the photo of the prayer candles.

Julie said...

Lovely candle pic, you can almost hear a church choir singing in the background as you look at it