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Friday, March 04, 2011

TUSAL, Thank You Christin, and a PhotoHunt

Well, its that time of the month... TUSAL time!  Yes, in February I replaced my ort jar!  I got a bigger vase from the Dollar Store.

You can see parts of my quilt blocks and ornaments in there!

Almost every Friday Christin and I meet up to go to the gym, do groceries, and have dinner out.  Tonight she gave me my birthday present a few weeks early (March 27th).  Thank you Christin!  She got me a few new DVDs off of my wish list.  She was also a sweetie and included some money for my March Break trip to Yuma and Phoenix Arizona!  Todd also gave me a little money tonight as an early b-day gift for my trip as well (I fly out next Saturday).

While out tonight I had to stop at Michales for a little DMC... well look at what else came home with me?  Ooops!  At least they were 40% off!

Here's the PhotoHunt from February 26th (yay I'm caught up!), the theme was "Mostly Black"

I took this just last Friday as we were approaching Toronto's Pearson Airport, suburbia sprawling below.


Lesleyanne said...

Your tusal jar is looking great. Stunning photo hunt picture. Have a lovely trip.

Christine said...

Quite a collection of orts there, its a good job you got a bigger jar.
Serenity is a favourite of mine too

Alisa said...

LOL...I've learned that there is no such thing as just heading out for a little DMC. No matter what store it is there is ALWAYS something else that will find it's way home with you. Love those beads! :)

Dee said...

Cool picture from the plane window!

Karen said...

Cash is always a great gift! :)

That's a really nice pic from the airplane!

Erica said...

You reminded me of that terrible upcoming day! (LOL)
We share the same birthday!

Bette said...

Be very careful. Beading can be very addicting! Ask me how I know. LOL!

Daffycat said...

I like your new jar! You have an impressive pile of ORTs, Dani!