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Thursday, June 02, 2011

TUSAL & Goals

Last night I was home too late from Ultimate Frisbee (my newest activity) to get a blog entry in, but here it is today.  I took my Ort Jar out to get some fresh air this evening to be photographed.  You'll notice lots of blues/whites/greys in this layer all from Enchantment of Winter.  I have to say when you're stitching over one or backstitching you don't produce a lot of orts.

I also realized, gee this is the start of a new month so I should review my goals form May and set some for June.

May Goal Review
Work on Enchantment of Winter - Sure did
Work on The Accolade - Going pretty well actually
Stitch 1 Ornament - Yes
Work on Quilt Blocks - Barely touched it, but touched it a little

June Goals
Work on Enchantment of Winter
Work on The Accolade
Stitch 1 Ornament
Finish 1 Quilt Block

Thanks everyone for your awesome words over my 10K race last weekend!  Your comments mean a lot to me and made me feel great about my accomplishment ... though it did make me realize how slow of a runner I am, but I am a runner!

Here's a great shot of Zeus I got last week as the sun was setting.


geeky Heather said...

Lovely bleeding hearts in the background!!

Barbi said...

Great setting for the ort jar! They bleeding hearts are gorgeous, Mine haven't come into bloom yet. But soon!
Great picture of Zeus too!

Rachael xxx said...

Okay Ultimate Frisbee, explain ?? LOL

Kate said...

Love the way you have photographed your ORTs - I love bleeding heart.
You should feel great about your achievement - it's amazing!
Great kitty picture.

Ginny said...

Your ort jar shows that you have been stitching so that's a good thing. The bleeding hearts in the background are beautiful. You are a runner! I think it's great what you have done. Look how far you have come since 2009. I think you are fantastic, girl and a great inspiration.

Anonymous said...

I think maybe I'll actually HAVE some orts next month. I've been stitching some, yeah!!!

Zeus is adorable with her hair all sticking up in the light.

mdgtjulie said...

Gorgeous pic of Zeus. She looks mystical!! And your TUSAL looks pretty. I don't have many ORTs at all as I just emptied my little tin. Congrats on meeting all your goals this month, and good luck meeting them this month!!

Daffycat said...

Beautiful ORTs, Dani! It doesn't really matter how many you produce, does it?

That kitten photo is wonderful! She is growing fast!

Karen said...

Good job in meeting your goals! As for being a slow runner... I think you did awesome! Cute pic of Zeus!

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely orts in your jar. Love your bleeding heart behind it. Good luck with June's goals.

Julie said...

The jars filing up nicely, good luck with the goals for this month

Beatrice said...

I love your goals you are so ambishous.
The ort jar looks quite pretty in evening sun. I love bleeding heart.
Must admit I miss my gardens.
I posted today with my new laptop!!!!

Aussie Stitcher said...

Great looking orts Dani. Love the photo of Zeus.

Sylvia said...

Congratulations on your 10K race. You are inspiring!!! You look great!!

Sylvia from Rochester