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Friday, September 30, 2011

Ketchup Post #2

On September 14th I took my 2nd of three days off from the hospital during the four weeks my Mum was there.  Months ago Christin and I managed to get tickets to see Pearl Jam.  Pearl Jam is one of the few bands left on my Concert Bucket List.  Do you have a Concert Bucket List?  If you're one of my long time readers you know... I LOVE a great concert.  I can't sing, I can't play a single note but boy can I rock!

 That's Pearl Jam, not Peanut Butter & Jelly!

I've been a Pearl Jam fan since grunge hit the scene in the 1990's, their Ten album is one of their best and I was looking forward to a fantastic show.  That and a break from the hospital.  I made it to the gym after work, Christin and I had a nice dinner out where we got caught up and enjoyed a rock show.

I have to say that sadly I was disappointed by Pearl Jam.  There are so many songs of theirs that I love and enjoy, they just didn't play them!  I mean what is a PJ concert without Jeremy or Daughter?  It seemed to be just a concert, not a show.  Eddie Vetter, the lead singer just didn't connect with the audience, or perhaps he just didn't connect with me?  He played a lot of their "B sides" that night, and if you were a hard core PJ fan you probably had an awesome time!

Pictures anyone???

 Didn't know anyone had lighters anymore!

Click to biggify, caught one guitar player mid-jump and Eddie smashing the mic stand into the stage!

 Not a bad show boys, but could of been better.


 Another concert shirt for the collection

I enjoyed the show but I wasn't blown away, and I've been to some amazing shows!


Teresa said...

Sorry your concert wasn't all that your wanted. Your picture of Waldo really made me laugh. I remember my kids having the "Where's Waldo" books.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Cross Stitch Queen said...

Your pics are great. I laughed at the Waldo pic. That was inspiration when you took that one.

I am glad that you enjoyed the show even though it wasn't the best you have been to. At least you are actually experiencing your bucket list. That alone makes it worthwhile.


jhm said...

THose weren't lighters. They were probably cell phones or the occasional e-book or ipad. Yes, I have seen those used at a concert.


jane said...

Sorry to hear that the concert didn't live up to expectations. Great pics though.
I have a concert bucket list and next week I get to cross off Bob Dylan!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I guess they get bored playing the same songs every time! I've not seen Pearl Jam, I would watch them at a festival but probably not in their own show as I don't know any of the B-sides!
Sadly most of my Bucket-list bands are half-dead now! I was lucky to see most of them in the 80s and 90s though.
I much prefer small gigs to the arena shows, we used to get some huge bands at the UEA our local uni, Ipswich Gaumont too, both venues punched outside their weight!

ollie1976 said...

sorry that PJ was a disappointment.