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Thursday, May 16, 2013

PhotoHunt Two-Fer

With my little blogging hiatus I did miss one PhotoHunt, for May 4th.  The theme that week was under, as usual I have a different interpretation of "under".

This poor glass is being subjected under high heat to "become" a vase!  I know lame!

This weeks theme is "glass" (see how I've connected the themes?  I am so clever!) I came across these two champagne glasses just laying in the grass after we all had a glass to celebrate a friend's nuptials at an outdoor wedding.


Barb said...

Actually a clever connection!

cucki said...

Yup..very nice..
Hugs x

Catherine said...

You are, as Barb says, very clever!

Julie said...

Well done!

Anonymous said...

The first glass is definitely UNDER --- under the heat! Under pressure!

A great under photo.

Kate said...

Nice link - I love to watch while glass is being worked