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Sunday, June 13, 2004

Busy, Yet Productive!

Let's start with the big event for the weekend.

mystery VI part 6 is FINISHED!!!

I was hoping to have this done late Friday night but no dice, but it was finished early Saturday morning!!! I am soooo glad to have a break from Mystery VI until the beginning of July. I think I've been pretty much working on this piece since part 3/4 was released. It feels like its been non-stop stitching on this piece.

Next I picked up and focused on my 2nd Christmas Ornament for the month of June. I've been working on Teresa Wentzler's Beginner's White Work Ornament (freebie on her webpage) on a 28ct mystery fabric. Mystery because I'm not exactly sure what type or what colour the fabric is. My guess is 28ct mauve joblean. I stitched this piece using plain ole' DMC white, and I left out the beads because I find the piece too crowded with them.

So here is Teresa Wentzler's Beginner's White Work Ornament c2001

I finished this between driving to the wedding we attended yesterday and this morning watching Coronation Street. Next I should work on my Wee Beasties Round Robin, that should stitch up quickly and is already kitted and ready to go! I'm whipping through my goals this month!

This afternoon I framed one of the last school letters for graduating students at work (this brings up to 9 I think!). Now I still have to frame the 2 for retiring teachers, but I'm waiting on what is wanted on the little engraved plate to be included with the letter, I'm going to have to push for those this week! I have an idea of what moulding I'd like to pick up and I think its only going to be single or double matted.

Tonight I'm out at the Matthew Good concert downtown. I can't wait, the last time I saw Matt Good I went crowd surfing for the first time ever. It was the most terrifying yet thrilling thing I've done so far! Boy do you ever get an adrenaline rush from that!

Lets hope this upcoming week is just as productive!

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