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Monday, June 28, 2004

Voting and Surprises in the E-mail!

Its election day here in Canada. To date (now I'm not that old!) there hasn't been an election where I've been more disgusted with our major parties than this one. If I didn't feel so strongly about exercising my right to vote, I wouldn't of. But I did, and I don't expect the candidate I voted for to win, but I refuse to vote for any of the major parties.

Anyhow onto the better part of my day! I got a surprise e-mail today from Martina of Chatelaine Designs a certain "Penguin" has bought me a membership to Mini Mystery F!!!! Yes I know who this penguin is! What a thoughtful gift and I can't wait for my kit to show up so I can keep up with this mystery as well, its a Ruby theme and promises to be quite dazzling! Many thanks to a kind Penguin out there!

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