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Sunday, June 27, 2004

Of Good Friends, Stitching... and Trees???

This weekend was a road trip weekend for me!

Friday I picked up my friend Christin and on my way to Brighton I dropped her off in Kingston. It was nice to have company for the drive!

I got to my friend Ann's (owner of Knowledge and Needles) in time for dinner where I was wowed by her husband's cooking prowess! Dan's chicken was delicious! Ann and I stitched the evening away, what better way to spend Friday night? A good friend, a little wine and a little stitching?

Saturday dawned sunny and cool and Ann and I spent the morning stitching, not something we both normally get to do we admitted! Near lunchtime a bit of a storm blew through but nothing incredibly violent. It was while we were eating lunch that we noticed one of Ann's trees had come down and it was blocking an entire lane of the road out front.

We were saved by a kind gentleman whose job was to trim trees. He kindly got out his chainsaw (Ann's happened to be in the shop of all places!) and cut down the offending branches while Ann and I hauled them away.

I tell you sometimes I have the most interesting adventures!

Oh yes during the past week I made Ann a scissor fob as a little thank you for letting me invite myself over. I'm paticuarly happy with this one it was hard to let go!

Saturday afternoon I headed back to Kingston where I went to visit with my friend Beth and once again, stitched, stitched, stitched! Beth fed me a fantastic meal of "Political Chicken" as her husband called it (Chicken catchatory sp?). As usual I could stay there and chat forever with Beth, her husband and daughter they are such a wonderful family! But I met up with Christin and we headed back home. I made it back in my door at 1am.

It was a great weekend!

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