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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Blech... Hump Day

For the second day this week it was a shitty drive into work. Monday, my first day back to work in two weeks we had quite a bit of snow over night. It was slow going into work, not any faster than 60 klicks. This morning, it was freezing rain! The slippery conditions were confirmed when I pulled out of my driveway and not meters from my drive there was a car in the ditch. So it was another day where my 20 minute drive becomes a 50 minute drive! Such fun and games in the Great White North!

I had a good time tonight teaching my kiddies at Taekwon-Do. My dojang is now online ... there are pictures of me in a couple of spots on there.

I've spent a couple of more hours on my model tonight I'm almost 3/4 done on the first one.

Thank you all of you who have left me links and suggestions. My fabric hunt will begin in earnest on the weekend when I have the time this weekend.

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