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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A Finishing HD!

Besides stitching while I'm on holiday I was hoping to get some finishing done. After spending the afternoon visiting a friend of mine and her two daughters I was in the mood to finish! One piece I was going to finish into a cushion, but I noticed it needed a wash. So its in a bath of Ovrus at the moment. I'll try and finish it tomorrow.

So I decided to finish my recent HD, the Dinky-Dyes freebie. I went through my stash of fabrics, it was a hard choice but I found the right combination. I had a little bit of trouble with the binding, but I got it in the end. Its now hanging in the bathroom where it works with the colour scheme in there.

Last night I got in a good stretch on Noah's Submarine, it took me awhile to find my groove... and find my way in that sky of 1/2 stitches! Once I'm done here, online I'll be pulling it back out... I haven't stitched yet today.

Oh yes! We have another victim to add to the Celtic Banner SAL list! There's me,
Christin, Carmen, Colleen, and now Abi. I'm looking forward to Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Looks great, Dani! I've never worked with binding and it looks difficult to do, but you made it look perfect. :)

Von said...

Dani, your choice of fabric was right on!! Looks great and I'm sure you'll enjoy it for a long, long time!!

Bastet said...

Love the choice of fabric, you're right it's perfect! Never tried binding was is a bit of trouble?

BeckySC said...

It looks great, Dani! The fabric choice is perfect! Congrats to you :)

Dawn T. said...

That is stunning! You did a wonderful job!

Anne S said...

Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow ... that's all I can say!! That piece just screams "me", I absolutely adore it - I love the fabric and the stitched piece, and the colours are just wonderful ... serious drool material!! :))