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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Dani, oh Dani, Where art thou Dani?

I think the question should really be where have I not been????

I was going to type you up a nice little blog entry around 11pm Friday night, with only 3 hours sleep under my belt but my computer decided to be stubborn. So I took it as a sign and I went to bed! Probably a good idea anyhow. I tried typing this on Saturday morning but I ran out of time and saved what I've got as a draft... its now Sunday evening and finally I'm finishing this blog entry!

Needless to say on the stitching front, there has been pretty much no movement this week! I was hoping to finish up my TWRR this weekend but due to an unexpected but not unwelcome development that won't happen... unless there's some sort of miracle on Sunday. Who knows that is "the Lord's day".

Sooooo.... as of my last entry I was in Montreal on Sunday for a lovely day out with my Mum. Monday there was really nothing to talk about, and it was my only evening at home so I made sure to spend it with Todd (and actually make him dinner) and my stitching (sometimes its a tough decision which is more important!).

Tuesday was our first guild meeting for the season. Our membership person was very ill so that job fell into my lap. Boy I was one busy person! I was lucky to have Christin with me to help take over for the draw I'm normally in charge of for meetings. Also one of our brand new members who just joined that night was so kind to step in and help out with the nametag draw we're having this season. To encourage our members to wear a stitched nametag to meetings their name will be entered into a draw for each meeting they wear it to. Then there will be a really nice prize at our December pot-luck meeting, the same again at the June meeting. Christin and I got to show off our Celtic Banners which was fun.

Christin was also a sweetie and gave me a little giftie for taking care of her after she had some teeth pulled the week before. She got me St. Georges by Long Dog! I look forward to be able to stitch it. On the pressie front I also got RAK'ed over a week ago by Belinda with a 25.00 gift certificate to Vickki Clayton. I haven't spent it yet I wanted to do it when I had time to look at all the wonderful slikes on her website!

Wednesday is my teaching night at Taekwon-Do, I think that was my earlies evening home all week, with being home before 8pm.

Thursday after work my Dad dropped my Mum off where I worked and we took off for Montreal! We had tickets to see Roger Waters, formerly of Pink Floyd that night at the Bell Center! We got there with enough time to have a rushed dinner and catch the start of the show! What an amazing show Thursday night! Roger Waters played ALL the hits! Also Dark Side of the Moon from start to finish! The show ended about 11:30pm by the time we were out of the parking lot (always a challenge after any concert!) and properly on our way it was about 12:15am. With a quick caffeine and gas stop in Hudson (have to admit we saw a lot of people wearing concert shirts!) we were home by about 2:15 am. I had a lot of trouble getting to sleep and I know I was still awake after 3am. So that's why on Friday I was surviving on less than 3 hours sleep! I had to start my work day with an XL Cafe Mocha from Timmies!

Friday that was another long day... I don't know how I made it! Nor got into a car accident when I was driving around! From work I went to visit the treasurer of my guild to get some business taken care of. Then it was off to another guild member's house for a reception. We were hosting this past weekend the Atlantic, Central Canadian Regional Meeting. I went to mix and mingle with all of the delegates as I was to be the OVGS representative this year at the meeting. One of our members fell through on a billet so totally unprepared, and the house not clean I took one of the delegates home and billeted her for the weekend. She was great and really understanding. She even put up with Todd having a bunch of people over for poker and the UFC fight on pay per view last night... I can't believe I stayed up with everyone once my billet and I got home... until 1am. Then I finally packed it in since I had to take my billet to the airport this morning.

After I got back from the airport to spend a little time with Todd, I took him out for breakfast nearby... then I crashed! I finally got out of bed at 4pm... but I sure could of stayed there! Once I'm done online here I'm looking forward to finally stitching for the first time since Wednesday!

My gosh the mileage I've put on my car this week has been insane! I've put gas in the tank at least 5 times since last Sunday! Ouch!


mj said...

wondered where you were...hope you had a good time...get some sleep...thanks again...

Karin said...

Wow - what a fantastic time! Hope you get some sleep in the next little while.


catandturtle said...

I AM JEALOUS, JEALOUS, JEALOUS!!! You saw Roger Waters??? That is the coolest! I have been a huge PF fan for years and he is the reason. Oh, you are so lucky. I saw them in 1994 but of course, no RW then. They were amazing; the best concert I have ever seen. If ever I heard a reason to not stitch, that is it. :D Ann.

Lorna said...

My mouth is hanging open!!! I looooove Dark Side Of The Moon!! I'm so Jealous!!