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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A Mish-Mash of Pictures

First... I'll start with the hard pictures to see. Holly, my sister sent me a nice e-mail yesterday, which included photos from her car accident last week. It's still upsetting to think about it.

Now for some happier photos...

This past weekend I received a lovely gift from a fellow TWBB'er whose in my TWRR... Ruth made this stunning scissor fob wish swarovski crystals! I just love it. Of course I had to get a new pair of scissors for it, better yet they're a pair of Dinky-Dyes with their funky coloured handles!

Next the photos you've all been waiting for... my Viper Scale Chain Bracelet that I made this weekend. I just love it!

Finally my first stitching HD from this weekend's classes. Here's the Celestial Moon portion of the scissor fob this half is designed by Jennifer Aikman-Smith, the second half is the Sun by Teresa Wentzler. I'm a good portion into that one too!

I'm getting ready to hit the road again. This Friday after work, Christin and I are off to spend the night in Kingston. Saturday we're getting together with some stitching friends of ours four our annual Ornamentification day in Brighton!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to see the pictures of the car. good that she is not hurt badly considering the huge crash. The scissor fob is wonderful and so is your bracelet and finished xstitch project! congratulations. Ann.

Karen said...

Wow! Your sister is very fortunate not to have been hurt badly. Your bracelet is really cute and your scissor fob is coming along nicely.

Carol said...

Yikes! I remember you said Holly was in an accident - I was shocked to see the car on its roof today! What a relief that she is OK!!! I dread ever having to face such a terrible thing in my life, as I am sure we all do. Poor Holly!

Your giftie is stunning, and I adore the first part of the scissor fob - I will look forward to seeing it completed... how neat!

Carol said...

PS - pretty bracelet :-)

Singular Stitches said...

Dani, the happy pictures are wonderful!

I'm so behind with blog reading, that I just read all of the other posts. I'm so glad to read that your sister is OK. Those pictures are just *awful*.


Arthemise said...

You're right that picture of the wreck looks horrific!

I just love your little moon. I think I'd stitch it if it ever got released.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Looks like your sister is very lucky not to have been seriously injured!
The fob and the bracelet are beautiful!

claudia said...

I love that bracelet! You do such nice work! Love the scissor fob start, I am really into anything sun/moon.
It is so good to know that your sister is going to be fine, especially after seeing the pictures of her car! Poor girl! I can't imagine how horrible it ws to be in that accident! Give her my best!

Michelle said...

Love your bracelet - it is gorgeous! You moon looks fantastic too, can't wait to see the sun once the thread disaster has been averted.

Anonymous said...


So sorry to see the pictures of the car but thank goodness your sister was not badly hurt.

Sounds like you had a great time in Toronto. The moon stitching looks great ... looking forward to seeing your other HDs from the weekend.