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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Chili Peppers, Cute Furry Purries, An HD and Goals

Well life still hasn't slowed down for me yet! I think its about to... maybe?

Friday night after work I hooked up with Christin and Chrisanne in Chapters. After resisting any purchases (who can deny a new book?) we grabbed a bite to eat. Good thing too, we got to the Scotia Bank Place in time to catch the last two songs by the opening band for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mars Volta. They were sooo loud I couldn't stand to go find our seats! While wandering the concourse, after buying my concert shirt I ran into someone I didn't expect! You can ask Christin, no matter where I go I seem to be able to run into someone I know! Anyhow I had to double check when I spotted this person... my nephew Nick with his Dad! How cool is that, my 11 year old nephew going to the Chili Peppers concert! He even had better seats than we did, we were in the nose bleeds off to one side. Poor Christin and Chrianne had a bit of a run in with a couple of fans during the show you can read about it here at Christin's blog she can tell it better than I can! Anyhow it was a great show, and I got some pictures! (well the best I could do considering our seats!).

This weekend has been spent at the OVGS booth at Fibrefest, demonstrating/promoting the guild. Which I have to say I enjoy doing since you get to talk to so many people about my favorite hobby! The only down side is I spend all weekend there, and once again away from the house. It is a challenge to make good progress on a project when you're starting and stopping... and some frogging had to be done now and again on my Sweetheart Tree RR that goes in the mail on Monday.

Saturday morning, Hunter was being super cute and of course I've captured the moment! The sun was shining bright, and he decided to go between the blinds and the window in our bedroom. So I captured his shilloutette. I tried to get a picture of his eys by lifting up one slat of the blinds... but you can see this very quickly turned into a game! Oh he was so cute!

This evening I just finished my Sweetheart Tree RR! . So here it is :

Blueberry Heart
c 1996 Sweetheart Tree
28ct White Jubilee
DMC threads, substitute Mill Hill beads for Delica DB-27 Metallic Green AB

Hopefully I'll have at least a week before my last TWRR shows up and my first SHTRR and I'll get some stitching in on Noah's Sub, and I can share my progress with you... I don't think I've touched it at all this month!!!

Now here's my September Goal Review :

Stitch TWRR - Yes, done just in time!
Work on Noah's Sub - an ity bit!
Stitch an Ornament - never got one done
Stitch a freebie - didn't have the time
Plan Sweetheart Tree RR - Yes, just in time!
Plan Ornament RR - The organizer has let this fall apart :-(

October Goals :

Finish TWRR
Stitch Sweetheart Tree RR
Work on Noah's Sub
Stitch an Ornament
Stitch a freebie


AnneS said...

That's a really cool shot of Hunter :) And the ST heart is gorgeous too :D

stitcherw said...

The Sweetheart Tree Heart turned out lovely, the colors are very pretty. Also, loved the pictures of Hunter, especially the one with his little paw peeking out. I can tell why he would think it was a fun new game. :)

Shelleen said...

The Sweetheart Tree is really pretty. Glad that you had a great time at the concert. I went and saw Aerosmith 3 weeks ago with my 14 year old son and we had a blast.

Anonymous said...

Good concert pics!!! :)
I'm uber jealous!

Heather said...

What a cute kitty.

Your RR looks lovely.