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Monday, October 09, 2006

Sweetheart Tree RR - Round 2

As I'm sure I said earlier this week I received the next installment of the SHTRR on Tuesday. Right then and there I started on it... I didn't want to have a last minute scrabble like I did with my own and my last TWRR! I worked on it every spare minute I could find this past week. I managed to finish it while I was visiting with my stitching friend Kathy this weekend!

Here's an adaptation of some of the bands from the sampler Fleuressence c1996

Jennifer's layout is very interesting, s
he's turning it into some kind of book! I'm anxious to see it when she's done the finishing on it... of course it'll be awhile this is a rather large RR with 8 stitchers (the average is 6).

Here's the area where she asked us to stitch our names... why they're upside down I have no clue but there's a reason!

While visiting with Kathy this weekend I've made amazing progress on several of my current projects! Noah's Sub has grown in leaps and bounds! Michael Powell's Mini Cottages 4 no longer looks like white and grey blobs. And I've worked on the Accolade as well. I'll be sharing progress pictures of all of these with you tonight after another full day of stitching!


Anonymous said...

HI Dani,

So glad to hear you're making progress on so much. It must really feel good.


Myra Walsh said...

good to hear you had a good weekend Dani....the TWRR looks interesting...keep us updated...mj

Myra Walsh said...

oops..i meant sweetheart tree...its been one of those days...mj

Anonymous said...

Well I suppose the names are upside down because the names are on one side and the sweetheart bit and 2006-2007 bit fold down to the other side? Good for you that you made such progress. Looking forward to seeing them :-) Ann.

Karen said...

Wow! You've been busy busy! The Sweetheart Tree RR looks very pretty. It would be interesting to see it made up in the end.

Christine Doyle said...

That is an interesting RR - I would agree with Ann that perhaps the header/footer folds under? I do hope you share with us a link of the finished product!

Katrina said...

Hi Dani, you've got lots of interesting stitching going on at the moment - it all looks great!!

Jenny said...

Ann is right - the two ends fold together to make the inside portion of the band between two of the book faces. The names will be on the "spine" of the book on the outside.

Glad you enjoyed doing one of the other bands - I really like what you picked! :)