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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Annual Stitching Goals and Review

Well I've dragged out my stitching goals from 2006 and boy did I get WAYYY off track this year. There's what you think you'd like to do/get done and then there's what gets done.

2006 Goal Review :

Finish Noah’s Submarine - Almost got 1/2 done
Finish Celtic Banner - YES!
Stitch Santa Fly Fishing Stocking for Todd - Didn't even start it
Bug collector - YES!
Enchantment of Winter For Dad - Didn't even start it

2007 Goals :

Finish Noah’s Submarine
Finish Tour Des Marques
Finish The Castle
Stitch Santa Fly Fishing Stocking for Todd

This past year, I did manage to stitch 21 ornaments and finished 29 other assorted projects. Not too many big ones this year.


stitcherw said...

Thats a lot of finishes, you were busy this past year. Good luck on your 2007 project list, I still have to make mine.

Retta said...

You had a lot of big finishes this year still, and loads of ornaments and finishing :) You did great! Way better than me that's for sure!

Heidi said...

wow what a lot of finishes. I don't even think I have done that many in my life yet.

Lucy said... did great!!! Love the mini cottages by the way!!!!
Happy New Year!!!