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Sunday, February 18, 2007

T is for Taekwon-Do

Well its 2pm Sunday and I can finally relax and experience a small piece of this weekend.

I've spent from Friday evening through to this afternoon attending an International Instructors Course being held by Master Lu in Ottawa. Lots of great information, I know my patterns have already improved, and long! Now to pass this onto my students at TKD.

This course went on from Friday 7pm-10pm, Saturday 9am-6pm, Sunday 9am and by the time we finished off 2nd degree patterns (my belt level) it was past 12:30! The course was well attended with over 100 participants, ranging from the lowest blue belt up to 6 degree black belts. People came from all over, from the local area to the U.S., even a couple of students from as far as Wales! (group photo from Saturday above... click for larger pic... can you find me?)

Friday and Saturday was a lot of theory. Master Lu went in depth into the Training Secrets of TKD and the Theory of Power. These are the ways we put power into each of our moves... which gives you the ability to protect yourself (the TKD philosophy is one block/defense should end a confrontation) or break boards (demonstration/testing purposes). Also in the lower patters which we started reviewing Saturday morning he went through each move technically, where it starts, where it ends, how to place your hands, facing, stances and so on. By the end of Saturday, we got all the way through the 3 first degree patterns (there are 3 patters for each black belt level). I was so tired when I got home last night, I was in bed before 9pm!

Sunday morning was primarily black belts in attendance. We went back to the bottom and did all the patterns from white belt up! Master Lu had us working hard, everyone was sweating! Then once we finished the 2nd degree patterns I bowed out and finally got to come home, shower and eat!

Todd had a lovely surprise for me when I got home... he did my laundry!

Now I'm just relaxing, catching up on the online world (since I've been pretty much offline since Friday), and I'm going to stitch a freebie... my brain and body is too tired to work on something challenging!


Von said...

Sounds like quite a weekend, Dani! My kids are active in karate and they get a great workout too. It's not too hard on the younger kids, but my older dd comes home sweaty and bruised sometimes - feeling great tho. :D

stitcherw said...

Boy, you certainly had a busy and productive weekend. It sounds exhausting though, no wonder all that sounds doable right now is a smaller freebie. That was sweet of him to surprise you with the laundry being done, that way you can relax rather than scrambling to get it done before Monday.

Kathy said...

Wow, Dani quite the weekend. And I thought I was busy. That Todd - such a sweetie! Enjoy your relaxing evening. Sounds like you need it.

Sonja said...

This brings back memories. I used to practice TKD and got up to 1. geup. Then life took over. I loved it though. Hopefully I can ease myself into it again.

I also stitch and knit and it's fun to see someone else's blog that stitches and does TKD. I actually never did it at the same time, because I started stitching about the same time (half a year later) as I quit TKD.

I read your blog all the time and follow your projects.

Stitch on!

Sonja said...

I clearly didn't read all of your post before I sent the comment in. When I was practicing, there was only one pattern for the dan degrees. At least for the first two.

Are you with in WTF? There are some differences between organizations.