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Sunday, March 04, 2007


Sorry folks, no progress reports this weekend for either Noah's Sub or The Castle. I've actually not really stitched much for days. I've caught the odd 15 minutes here and there but no nice long stretch that I could be proud to show off.

Despite not really having any stitching time this weekend, I can say it was a pretty good one. The last few days with the exception of today... Sunday were spent doing Taekwon-Do stuff. Friday night was spent setting up for the Friendship Tournament my school was hosting. My job for the tournament was to come up with an obstacle course competition for the 4-6 year olds as they are too young to compete in patterns or sparring (we did not have sparring competitions at our tournament). Once the rings were marked out on the floor it was my turn to set up. I took my camera with me to get a picture... guess who forgot to do that??? Oh well. We also had to squeeze in a little time to practice the demonstration (probably why I forgot the photo).

Saturday was the big day, our First Annual Friendship Tournament! For me it started nice and early, I had to be at the Tournament site by 8am to practice the demonstration yet again! I have to say as I drove there, my stomach was in my mouth. I was nervous, and worried... I was starting to feel the pressure about the obstacle course... was it going to work? Would the kids be able to run it trouble free... have fun? Next was the demonstration... I was the only female on the team, would I do the two patterns for the demo error free (I had been messing up the w-shape block in Gae-Bek the night before!!!)? Also there was the self-defence skit at the end of the demo where I the only female was being attacked by three males. Would I be able to do the techniques clearly, and not get caught up in the adrenaline rush? Never mind the fact that this was being done in front of the VIP's (high ranking black belts from the attending schools), my instructor, 136 competitors and who knows how many parents, grandparents, siblings, and spectators! Finally there was the pressure of also competing in individual patterns (which I am not overly fond of the pattern I was competing with), and team patterns (you don't want to mess up and let your team mates down).

The tournament started out the usual way, about 30 minutes late (aka : Taekwon-Do time). All competitors were asked to line up by school, so I rounded up all the 4-6 year olds (the Little Tigers) as I am their instructor and got them lined up, ready for the opening ceremonies. Following the opening ceremonies was ... ack... the Demonstration! Thank goodness... everything went really well! I didn't mess up on any of the patterns, and the self defence demo went really well... I had been told after our morning's practice that during the demo I had to actually make contact... hit my attackers. Well I did, don't worry I didn't hit anyone... just a solid kick here or an elbow there. After we left the floor and the VIP's made a couple of short speeches I quickly went to change into my suit so that I would be ready to run the obstacle course.

The obstacle course went off without a hitch!!! The kids performed well, no one had any problems running the course. One black belt from a visiting school told me the course looked slick, my instructor was happy, and I received positive comments from parents as well. I couldn't be prouder of my students! Once the obstacle course competition was over and cleaned up as I walked around watching competition and helping here and there many people stopped me to either compliment me on the demonstration or the obstacle course. I couldn't of been happier!

Later in the day it was time for me to compete. First up was Black Belt team patterns where me and my three team mates won a silver medal. At this point the plantar flacitis in my right foot had really started to flare up from going around from time to time with no shoes, and the marching during the demo and team patterns. Next up was women's individual patterns and well I wasn't happy with my performance. One round, my feet were a little sweaty and I slipped on the gym floor. My second round, I had an "oh shit moment", I suddenly froze in the middle of my pattern and it took me a moment to remember the next move. So I ended up with a bronze medal in that event.

Well what a day... after cleaning up, and getting the equipment back to the dojang... it was after 5pm. Those of us on the organizing committee went out for a bit of a "de-briefing" drinks to celebrate. I was so tired... despite Todd having some buddies over for UFC 68 (and none too quiet) I was out like a light before midnight.

Today my Mum and I drove down to Cornwall to check out the Quilt Show and vendors at the Quilter's Pleasure Weekend with my friend Chrisanne her mother and daughter. Well we were so impressed with the quilts on display! There were so many of them that were hand quilted! The last show we went to last May in Ottawa there were so many quilts were done by long arm machine quilting all over. Sometimes it works with the quilt pattern... most times it doesn't. At least I've rarely seen it done well. The vendors didn't tempt us at all. We all went out for a nice Lupper (between lunch time and dinner time) and after a visit it was time to go home.

So I guess I can say it was a good weekend.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your medals! Ann.

Vonna said...

Congrats on your medals and job well done at your event!

Von said...

Congratulations, Dani, on hosting a successful event and on your medals! Hurray!

stitcherw said...

What a busy day, it sounds like all the planning and practice certainly paid off and it went smoothly for you. Congratulations on the medals.

Mary said...

Congrats on your tournament and demonstration. Also congrats on your medals. It is nice to get those "pats on the shoulder".