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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Trip Pictures Part Two - Arizona

After spending a whir wind day and a half in San Diego, Ca. it was time to move onto Yuma, Az. I have to say I was absolutely fascinated by the cacti!

One Cacti...

Two Cacti...

Three Cacti...

Four! The mighty saguaro!

The guard tower at the Yuma Territorial Prison

More of Yuma Prison

A wee bit more of Yuma Prison

The mighty Colorado River, the view from the guard tower. The far side of the river is California

A pretty little yellow flower that Kathy and I discovered at the Yuma Crossing... it smelt heavenly!

A pretty pink flower

A pretty yellow flower
This morning I had two medical appointments... how fun. My first appointment was 40 minutes behind schedule. That threw my whole morning off! I also took my car into the dealer, I needed the linkage of my windshield wipers replaced. I am relieved to say I have working wipers now! What a relief... it was downright terrifying driving home Monday night in the rain with no wipers! As usual it cost a pretty penny. I did make a little progress on Mini Cottages 8 while I waited... but not enough worth sharing since they had an Internet terminal at the dealer and I surfed the net for a good 40 minutes.
Today I got a start on Kathy's Sweetheart Tree RR, once I got home, its looking so pretty!


Kathy said...

wow, you got some beautiful shots Dani!!! sure makes Yuma look as pretty as it is!

Erin said...

All of your vacation pictures are lovely!!! And how cool that you got to meet some other stitchers, too!

stitcherw said...

Great pictures, you have a wonderful record of your trip. Glad you got your wipers fixed. I've only had to drive in the rain once when a friend of mines didn't work, and you're right it was horrible.

Lucy said...

Wow...gorgeous pics!!!! I love cactus!

Debby said...

Hey Dani,
Love the pics.
The pretty pink flower is a bougainvillea. I have some of those in my sunroom, but they're so nice in their native setting. Lucky you!