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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Trip Pictures Part One - San Diego

All right I've finally uploaded my pictures from my San Diego, CA/Yuma, AZ trip! Here's ther first batch of pictures!

First, we can't start a blog post of pictures without one of Hunter right? This was the post he took up as my bags were sitting at the top of the stairs waiting to go into my car.

Amazing view from the plane!!!

The biggest impression that San Diego made on me was the scenery! Oh my gawd it was just stunning. Compared to the scenery around here this was just so different to me and I loved it!

Ahhh palm trees, you know you're somewhere warm when you see these!

Oranges... on trees? Really? I only ever see these in the grocery store!

Sunday was our day at the San Diego Zoo I was there with (left to right)

Zari, Becky, Me, Jill, Luke Jill's Son, and Cheryl. It was because of these ladies what I thought would be two days aimlessly wandering the city turned into a great weekend exploring San Diego!


Cute little birdie!

Furry Koala

Sleeping Panda -- They weren't awake when we stopped by!
Just in time for us to leave this peacock put on a fantastic performance!!!


JudySC said...

More photos please...thanks for sharing your vacation - you have some super shots there!

stitcherw said...

Gorgeous photos, thanks for sharing.