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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Friends & Stitches

This weekend was another weekend on the road. I bet you're starting to wonder if I ever stay home? Well I do, but so many great excuses to visit friends have come up lately!

I was back down to Brighton again, my excuse ... well I had to be in Kingston for Christin's Dad's 60th birthday, also to bring Christin back to Ottawa. So why not make a weekend out of it right?

Soooo... Friday after work after a little bit of running around to find a DMC rayon colour for Kathy (which after three places I couldn't find it!) I hit the road. It was a windy day for driving, and the clouds constantly threatened to open up... but the rain pretty much held off. I got to Kathy's much later than expected but she was a sweetie and fed me dinner anyhow! I got to meet a number of Kathy's friends that evening, so there wasn't much stitching done. What little stitching I did, was done on my Neighbourhood Round Robin.

Saturday was a full and busy day! We stitched in the morning, Kathy on her project... which she'll be posting pictures of soon ... go on over and take a look she wants to see if anyone can guess what she's working on (if she's posted the pictures yet!). For me it was more of my RR, by lunch time I had finally finished my outlines and wording and was ready to start my castle (my neighbourhood is a fantasy one). For lunch we drove to a nearby chip wagon where we ordered ourselves lunch... also chips for Ann, Christin, Lynn (Christin's Mom), and Sue (Christin's Aunt). We drove over there with chips and it was so nice to catch up with everyone for a bit. Ann has finished a beautiful project ... I'm not sure if she's going to blog about it since its a gift.

Our next stop after lunch was to visit with Beatrice who had some serious surgery earlier in the week. I was so happy to see Beatrice, I didn't expect to see for for weeks! She was looking better, but still pretty tired (I can remember being the same way after my surgery a few years ago). We visited for a few hours and stitched... Beatrice did try, but I think she was too tired. Also we all know the results of stitching when we're tired/not feeling well... rip it-rip it! Beatrice is almost finished her Celtic Banner (by Butternut Road) and it looks wonderful!

After our visit with Beatrice it was back to Kathy's for a quick stop for me. Since Kathy and her hubby (who is kind enough to put up with my visits and our stitching talk that sounds like a foreign language to him!) had an even to attend. So I was having dinner with Ann and her wonderful husband/cook! Another stitcher I've met in the past was also over for dinner (Sue I believe... sometimes I'm horrible with names). Dan cooked for us while we visited, then we spent on evening playing cards which I haven't done in ages!

Today ... my last day on the road ... my morning was spent stitching with Kathy. I made it to Christin's parents just as they were pulling the hamburgers off of the BBQ for lunch. Do I have an amazing sense of timing or what? We managed to surprise her Dad later that afternoon with a small get together for his 60th b-day. All too soon it was 5pm and time for Christin and I to hit the road.

Sorry no stitching update pictures yet but I should have my RR done soon and ready to show off!

Photo : Finches feeding on the shore of Lake Ontario


Vonna said...

I can't wait to see your RR! I bet its beautiful!
Sounds like you had a full and exciting weekend filled with fun and friends :)

stitcherw said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time, I'm glad you were able to fit in all the different visits to people and have such an enjoyable weekend.

Beautiful picture of the finches, and I'm looking forward to seeing your stitching picture updates. Your RR being a fantasy one sounds so interesting and different.

Carol said...

Sounds like you had such fun - cannot wait to see any pics you may have... and your RR too!!

Beatrice said...

You had a full and busy weekend. Glad you had fun.
It was so great to see you...It was a surprise that I saw both you and Christin this weekend.
Today.... I will stitch on my Banner.
And Folks I saw the fantasy RR in real life, it is going to be wonderful.

Von said...

What a full, rich, and fun weekend, Dani! Can't wait to see your rr and begin to think about what I'll add to it. :D

Jennifer said...

Wow! Sounds like a wonderful weekend!!