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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Went Fishing... And All I Caught...

Was some sun. We decided to have my nephew Nick over the weekend so he could get a chance to use that new fishing rod and tackle we got him for Christmas.

My head was feeling better (but not my stomach) by early evening on Friday so I picked Nick up and after getting some provisions for the weekend I took him to DQ. Now doesn't this picture make for a great DQ commercial??? We spent the evening lazing around... he even dared to challenge me to Star Wars Trivial Pursuit. He should of known the attempt was futile. I soundly kicked his butt.

Today was spent fishing. While I taught at TKD the boys went to a river nearby... where I heard Nick fell in four times (wish I had been there with the camera!) and caught four fish. After TKD they picked me up and we went off to fish in the Madawaska River in Arnprior. I didn't catch anything... but then I tend to get bored quickly when the fish aren't biting... I read my book, took a nap under a willow tree, and cast my line in every once in awhile. Todd is patient and persistent and he caught a 6 pound Northern Pike. (See Ann, Dan and other Brighton area dis-believers... Todd does exist! Then again I could be teasing you with pictures of some random guy fishing today ;-) )

I've been working on Kathy's Ornament RR... a snowman, he's coming along nicely. Now I do like doing RR's and such, but at the moment I just can't wait to get them all done (the ones I have at the moment). I'd really like to get back to stitching my own stuff.
While on the topic of stitching, when I was waiting for Nick I was finally able to get a picture of a quilt my Mum put together for my niece Emma two years ago. The squares are from the Vermillion International Bears (when they were freebies on the net), which I did as a RR many years ago.

Now for our iris of the day. A new variety I put in this year called Spartan its a beautiful red/burgundy bloom! I've been asked to take a picture of my iris bed... I'm still waiting for a couple of more varieties to bloom first!


Vonna said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun fishing!
Todd looks like he definitely caught a keeper :)

Jennifer said...

Wow! That flower is gorgeous!! I love the quilt as well.

I feel your impatience. I've worked on a bunch of things in a row that were picked by other people and I'm really itching to get back to my own stuff!!

Dawn said...

The quilt is beautiful!

Lise said...


claudia said...

Your nephew looks so blissful with that nice ice cream cone! I'm like you with the fishing, if they aren't biting, I'm a napping! Beautiful iris. Love that color.

stitcherw said...

Nick looks like he is really enjoying his ice cream, and Todd certainly did catch a nice fish. Sounds like a good time was had all around. The bear quilt is lovely. I saw those patterns when they were out, but don't remember seeing them stitched up, they really look nice, and are a perfect size for quilt squares.