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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Model #4 Almost Done

Well, I'm *almost* finished model #4 for A Needle Pulling Thread. Its all done except for one missing thread I'm waiting on, and a little backstitching I don't want to put in because its on, near or next to the unstitched area. Tomorrow I'll be starting #5 and hopefully have it finished in short order! This weekend I'm supposed to be going to visit Chrisanne, but I have a feeling the weather is going to stop that from happening! Courtesy of Texas, they've predicted about 50cm for us over Friday evening/Saturday.

March is giving me so much to look forward to (or perhaps I have a better outlook on things and I'm over the winter blahs?). Tomorrow is my last day of work for a week, March Break! I'm not going anywhere exotic this year but I've packed my week with friends and stitching! Like I said over the weekend I hope to get out to Chrsianne's. On Tuesday my Mum and I are going to get our hair done (her early b-day gift to me... its the 27th of this month). Either on Wednesday or Thursday I'm going to be heading down to Brighton to visit with Ann and see the Thursday stitchers. Can't wait to see you ladies! On Saturdayish I'll be stopping in at Christn's parents for an early Easter dinner!

Moving on in March, on the 19th Christin and I are going to go see the Foo Fighters! I've always wanted to see the Foos! Hopefully I'll get some awesome pictures to share!

On March 24th Chrisanne is taking me to see Lenny Kravitz for my b-day!

Finally on March 27th its my birthday. I always expect that somehow its going to be an extra special day. Very rarely does that happen (last year Todd didn't get home from work until 11pm I sat at home by myself, no card, no flowers, nothing), so I'm hoping to approach it with a more cynical outlook. If I don't hope the day is gong to be special then anything different will be a lovely surprise right?

In between all of this... four day work weeks, thanks to Good Friday and Easter! What a fun month!


Von said...

The photo of the cardinal took my breath away! We don't have them here in the Pac NW, and can only imagine the joy to watch them on a cold, snowy day. :)

Barbara said...

That's a gorgeous picture of that cardinal!

Hey, going to see Lenny Kravitz sounds like a fabulous way to spend your birthday!!

Courtney said...

so I'm in Texas for the week as MY spring break from you can probably assume, this snow is not my idea of a spring break in Texas.

Faith Ann said...

50cm?!?! Wow, I hope that doesn't venture eastward to me! We've got such huge snowbanks this year, it's incredible.

Hope you have a great March break!

Vonna said...

Just think you can sing with dear Lenny, "I want to get away...I want to flllyyyyyyyy..." :)
Love the Cardinal sitting there so majestically among the evergreen branches.

And you go girl on the models!

Sally said...

Oh I love the picture of the cardinal. They are such pretty birds but we don't have them over here.

SOunds like March is going to be very busy for you:)

Send some of that snow over here please! I miss cold, snowy winters. Seems that global warming has taken them away from here.

Louanne said...

Good for you! Enjoy your week off!!! I work for the Government so if I want time off I have to use my personal days. Sounds like you have this month all booked! Have a good time!

Carla said...

Seems like you are going to be very busy this month!!

Kathy A. said...

You are off to stitch with the girls again!! I am so jealous. Soon, I will be home - well, another month and a half. That cardinal is beautiful. Keep up the good work at WW. I will cheer you all the way.

Nancy said...

It sounds like you are going to be one very busy girl. I hope you get to have a wonderful birthday this year.

Beatrice said...

A wise person once told me expectations cause resentments...Good words to live by for me thats for sure.
It sounds like March will be a good month for you!