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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Tail End of My Trip

Hey blog readers! Well, I am back home, and have been since dinnertime Sunday.

So where did I leave off when I last blogged? It was Wednesday, so I have Thursday-Saturday left to cover from my Jacksonville, Florida trip.

Thursday Claire and I had a fairly low-key day. We went back to the beach! This time a different one, which is part of a State Park and you can actually drive your car onto the beach. Here are a few of my shots from that day.

Claire enjoying a sunny day.

Ships going into the intercostal waterway.

Beautiful scenery



Friday Claire, Patrick and I headed back out to St. Augustine, this time to to some more touristy stuff! I have to say I think it was the hottest day I experienced during my ten days there.

We started out by walking down the main pedestrian street with all the shops.
Isn't this the ideal place to stop for a cool drink? Or in my case, the best gelato ever!

From there we cut up to Flagler College which back in the day was the Ponce de Leon Hotel, it must of been a spectacular sight in its day. We only got to see the grounds and the main lobby as we didn't want to pay for the full tour.

The main entry from inside the courtyard

The fountain in the courtyard.

Do you think these cute guys will keep the stitching frogs at bay?

Claire and Patrick

The ceiling in the lobby.

Some of the spectacular windows (some of them are Tiffany).

Is that Hungry hanging out there?

After checking out Flagler College we headed out to the Island where I conquered all 219 steps of the St. Augustine Lighthouse on a hot day! I have to say there was a wonderful cool breeze when you got to the top!

The Lighthouse from the parking lot

The Lighthouse (it was hard to photograph since the sun was right behind it, but it did make for cool effects)

Oooh that's a long way up, 219 steps you said?

The stunning view from the top.

Saturday we had another low-key day, in the morning we headed out to Claire & Patrick's church where we helped to pain the new choir room (Claire sings in the choir). Of course we were appropriately bribed with pizza. After a rest in the afternoon, we went and saw the new Harry Potter movie, I quite enjoyed it. I know they left out a lot, but if you watch it not being critical of how it doesn't stand up to the book, its not bad.

Then, as all trips do, they come to an end an its time to come home! I was up at "freakin' early o'clock" once again! I had no problems at the Jacksonville airport, but when I got to my connection in Philadelphia... everything was okay until we left the gate. We boarded on time, we left the gate on time... then we waited, and waited in line! They only had one runway open for take-offs. I should of been in the air by 9:45am and in Syracuse, NY by 10:50... well that didn't happen. We spent so much time waiting in line that a severe thunderstorm rolled in. That's when the pilot turned the engines off. We were stuck in a small plane, on the tarmac until almost 12:00! That is wayyy too long to be stuck in a small plane! I didn't get into Syracuse until almost 1pm.

I have to say as nice as it is to go away, and it was fantastic catching up with my best friend, its just as nice to get home!

Tonight was weigh in day at Weight Watchers. I was quite shocked to find I was only up 0.6lbs, so that's a total 1lbs gain while spending 10 days in Florida, eating out at least once a day... and not always the best choices were made! I am now exactly at my goal weight, before this trip I was 1lb under, so this is completely acceptable for my maintenance. So I'm very happy with the end result, and now I can focus on getting that pound back off. I've been eating properly since I got home, I've been out for a walk, and tonight I did a Taekwon-Do class and a Cardio TaeBox class (which sorely kicked my ass after being off for 10 days!).

I am off work for the rest of this week, surprise, surprise my Mum and I are in the process of putting some plans together for Thursday/Friday. I never sit still for long!


Katri said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip!

valerie said...

Dani, it sounds like a great trip. So nice you were able to hang out with Claire and Patrick. FL in August...I'd have hot! Wonderful photos too...I especially love the stairs shot inside the lighthouse. Very artistic!

Jo said...

Gorgeous photos, I'm glad you had a lovely trip.

I got stuck on a runway in a plane once, while they fixed the toilet - which I'd used just after boarding the plane... hmm, still not sure if I broke it, but I didn't hear the end of it from my friends!

Enjoy the week off, can't wait to hear what you and your mum get up to!

Kathryn said...

Coming to Montreal by any chance? We fly there today. Would love to meet you.

Christine said...

Glad you enjoyed your trip

riona said...

Lovely photos ... especially those of Flagler College ... and that shady nook where you had your gelato: why can't we all have a place like that tucked into our home space? I can't imagine ever being angry or upset or anything but serene if I could quietly sip tea in such a place for a half hour every day.

Jenny said...

Sounds like you had a really nice vacation! :) Great pics.

Rebecca (AKA - Rebel In Ontario) said...

I'm glad you had a lovely time with Claire, your pictures are beautiful as always! Congrats on the little tiny gain over the 10 days you were away, you are an inspiration to many :-) Including me!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures , wonderful to have such a good friend

Ranae said...

Looks like a fab vacation. Great photo's

Karoline said...

Sounds like you had a great trip. I hope you hugged the lighthouse for Lorchen!

Carolyn NC said...

Great pictures! We went to St. Augustine last year and saw Flagler College - pretty cool place. Glad you had such a good trip!

Doris said...

all sound like a wonderful trip, i am happy for you!.

Anonymous said...

Dani - I wish I had known you were going to be here - I live only 30 minutes from St. Augustine and an hour from Jacksonville! My sister lives in St. Augustine so I'm over there ALL the time! Next trip - let me know and I'd love to meet you somewhere and who knows, maybe even stitch a bit over a nice bevvie!

Daffycat said...

Awesome photos, Dani! That lighthouse is incredible!

Julie said...

Welcome home... i lovely work out climbing all those lighthouse steps and what a view too.

Beatrice said...

Welcome back. I'm so glad you had a good time with Claire and her DH.
The photo's are wonderful!!!
I enjoyed the beach on the Ocean side when lived in Florida.
St. Augustine is one of my favorite places much history.

congrats on the WW maintenance, good for you.

Carol R said...

Great vacation pictures - I even recognise some of the St Augustine tourist spots! Thanks for sharing Dani

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! I'm glad you had such a great time in Florida.

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Your trip sounds and looks wonderfull. I am gald you had a good time, and congrats on the stairs to the top. What a nice feeling eh? Welcome home where you can be always in stitches.

Karan said...

Sounds like you had a great time. Fab pics - that scenery is Wow! So glad your friend is doing OK - hope it reassured you too. And WTG, you did it! You needn't worry - you look good in that bikini. :0)
Lovely finishes & T's stocking is really growing fast now. :0)

Chiloe said...

What a great trip you had !!! Lucky you !!!!!!!!! I love the picture with the red chair on the beach: it could be a post card !!! Amazing !

Brigitte said...

What a reat rtip. I was enjoying all your pictures of it.

Tama said...

hey! I've been to that lighthouse! but no one would go up the steps with me and I was too nervous to go up by myself (it was crowded and I was a teenager).

Wanda said...

I love seeing Florida through your eyes! Your photography is wonderful. Glad you had a good time in FL and that Claire and Patrick are learning to live with their loss. I know having you there was a great comfort.

Cindy F. said...

Beautiful pics! What a great 10 days you had with Claire! and you did awesome on the maintenance!! You've just made me homesick for the East Coast....especially the lighthouse pic.
Welcome home girl...but I knew you wouldn't be there for long before a new adventure came along:) Good for that life!!