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Saturday, July 02, 2011

I Haven't Stitched in TWO Days!

The weather here in my neck of the woods has been just glorious and HOT (we've been in the very high 20's to 30's the last two days).  Beautiful to sit out on a shaded deck or under a tree in a park.  Its a little too hot for an 8K/5mile race in a kilt!

Pearl & Viking

Today was another busy day for us.  Todd and I met his father for breakfast this morning (gosh its my lucky weekend, breakfast out two days in a row!) before heading out to get hay for Todd's Mom's horses.  She's had them for a few years but I never went to meet them.  The horses have recently been moved to a small hobby farm closer to our place so I went along for the drive.

L to R : Vincent (Jason's BIL), Jason holding Logan, Richard, and Me

 At the park before heading up tot he start line

Lookin' all sassy in me kilt!

Later in the afternoon we drove out to Perth, Ontario where at 6PM I'd be running in the 2nd Annual Perth Kilt Run at 6PM.  Also running the race were my buddies from Taekwon-Do Jason (new Daddy!) and Richard.Despite it being a 6PM gun time it was still 30c at that time. Oh my goodness too hot for a good pace!  I had decided to take my time with this run and if necessary to do it at a 5:1 run walk interval.  I made it to the 3.5K mark before I broke down and started my interval timer.  Then at the 6K mark, as luck would have it I got a wicked cramp!  So I started walking until it felt better and running/walking depending on how I felt.  I finished the 8K race in 63 minutes, better than I thought I had but my pace really did suffer today.  It was a really hard race with a lot of elevation changes, especially when we ran through the golf course!

 Waiting for the staring gun (sounded more like a cannon!)

 Piper on the Green as we wound our way though the (hilly) golf course

The finish line (which was the start line too!)

Perth is a gorgeous town and I'll have to make an effort to get back with my camera and capture it for you!  Here are a few shots I did get with my point and shoot camera
 Fountain inside the Code Mill

 Also inside the Code Mill

 The Tay River flowing through the park across from the Code Mill

A statute of local horse jumping legend Ian Miller on his Horse Big Ben


Anonymous said...

You do, indeed, look quite sassy!

Looks like a beautiful place for a race.

Hazel said...

Oh wow a kilt run! How exciting. The pics of Perth look fab. X

Lesleyanne said...

Great pictures of the kilt run. You look great. Congratulations on finishing it.

riona said...

Who can blame you for not stitching when so much was going on and demanding your attention? Not I! But it will be fun to see some more progress shots of your BAPs when available.

Lisa said...

Interesting (and fun) attire for a race :) Looks like it was fun despite the heat. Congrats on finishing it, that is the important thing. Beautiful area and gorgeous photos. Thank you for taking the time to upload them and share them with us. Enjoy your time and don't worry about not having time to stitch.
Take care.

♥ Nia said...

Love the kilt! hehehe
Looks like you had a great time! :D

Karen said...

Honestly, Dani, you are always doing the most fun, interesting things! Looks like a great day. :)

Karen said...

Love seeing you all in your kilts! Looks like a great day! I remember watching Ian Miller and Big Ben race on tv when I was a kid. Your pics are great!

Christine said...

10 degrees would be too hot to run a race in a kilt as far as I'm concerned ;D
Well done you.

mdgtjulie said...

Grats to you for finishing despite the heat. That's great!! And you look pretty durned cute in a kilt, me wee lass.

Carol said...

Great job on your race, Dani--I could never run that far--especially if hills were involved :) It must have been great fun seeing everyone in kilts (although that runner in the blue bathing suit probably had the right idea considering the heat!).

Lisa said...

Well done on completing your kilt race, you looked great, I can't imagine running in such heat.