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Sunday, July 31, 2011

On The Road With Bonnie

Self portrait... something I am often doing a lot... driving my car!

I would say from about March through November I spend a lot of time in my car!  I travel around Eastern Ontario visiting friends, enjoying life, and stitching!  My poor car is basic, but its a tank!  I've actually got over 280,000 KM's on my poor 2002 Accent.  I imagine either by the end of this year or early next year I'll break the 300,000 mark which is quite a bit for a car.  I currently hold the family record for most KMs on a car LOL!
I was mesmerized by how the back of this truck was reflecting the lines/road behind it

Tuesday afternoon I hopped back in the car after just returning home from Quebec City Monday evening.  Of course it was a little easier to hop back in the car since I hadn't done any of the driving to and from Quebec City.  I hit the road for the three hour drive to Bonnie's where we'd be getting back in the car the next morning for our trip to Canada's Wonderland.  Sadly I don't have any pictures for you from that day, I really didn't want to carry around a bag or anything to get lost/stolen/wet.  Which is such a shame because I would of loved to have gotten a picture of us eating the massive chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches we had that afternoon.  They were ridiculous and we both ate a whole one!  (do a google image search for Canada's Wonderland Cookiewich and you'll see what I mean!)  For a Wednesday it was a busy day and the wait time for most rides was on average an hour!  I think we got more rides done from 10am-12pm than we did between 12-5pm. 

Once I got tired of waiting in line for a quick thrill on a ride, I suggested we hit the road and head up to Sheila's who lives just outside of Honey Harbour on the fantastically gorgeous Georgian Bay.  Sheila hosts one of our stitching weekends in June and this time just Bonnie and I went up for a visit until Friday afternoon and of course some well deserved stitching since not much got done while we were in Quebec City.

Sheila & Jim's home on Georgian Bay

I'm going to leave you with some shots of Georgian Bay from the back of Sheila & Jim's boat to give you a glimpse of one of Ontario's scenic areas.

 An Inukshuk in the distance.  I find if you look around when you're out on lakes or driving the highways you can find these little hand-made stone statutes everywhere

 Wednesday night this Mama and her 4 babies visited Sheila's compost pile

 Ducks cruising the lake

 When I see large boat houses like this all I see is $$$$

 What a great boat's name!!

 Just a nice shot (in my opinion)

 Nature at its best!

 More wonderful work by Mother Nature

 Tiny cottage on a tiny island!

 You can dock your boat and get everything you need!

After cruising the lake we had a fantastic dinner here!


Anonymous said...

The Inukshuk is cool! Looks like you went some very beautiful places.

(P.S. I couldn't hold off --- I started a quilt square tonight. Santa can wait. LOL)

Teresa said...

Great pictures, looks like fun.
We have a 2004 Accent with 70,000 miles. You really like to drive.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

mdgtjulie said...

Just lovely pics Dani. I looked up Cookiewich, and couldn't find any pics anywhere. If you found one, please share. You're more talented than I. I could never take pics while driving!! Of course, I'm a nervous driver, always watching for someone to be an idiot and try and kill me. Love the lake pics especially. I haven't been boating in a couple of years, but I love going out on the river to boat. My brother has a really nice boat, and occasionally takes mom and I out for a ride. Can't wait to see some stitchy pics!!

Karen said...

WOW -300,000 Kms!!! You do drive a lot! Beautiful pics! There are Inukshuks in some of the oddest places around here. I always wonder how they manage to get to some of these spots and then balance themselves and make the little Rock Statues.

Looks like you had an excellent trip!

Lesleyanne said...

Great pictures. Looks like you had a great trip.

ollie1976 said...

great pics!

Mouse said...

wonderful photos and great name for the boat :)glad you had a lovely time :) love mouse xxx

Bette said...

Wonderful pictures! I want to live there!

Lisa said...

What beautiful photos! We love Canada and miss our trips up to Vancouver and Whistler that we used to take in June/July (when the boys played on teams which went to the Whistler international hockey tournament). However, it looks like a trip to Quebec City is in our future next February when my youngest goes there for the Internations PeeWee tornament - pretty chilly time to visit though.

I love seeing the Inukshuk. Several years ago my husband's family had a family reunion around Lake of the Woods. Taking my road bike, I got in a lot of biking. Along the road, I would spy about 4-5 Inukshuks that were left. They are interesting, yet sometime haunting.

Thank you for sharing your photos. Definitely looks and sounds like you are having a wonderful summer!

Take care

Melanie said...

Great pics. :)

Raychill Canuck said...

Wow - I have a 2002 Accent, but I don't go anywhere and it only has 80,000 kms on it. My mechanic keeps warning me that I should expect more and more problems when it hits 90,000 kms, but maybe I'll be lucky like you.

Carol said...

I've heard the Georgian Bay area is beautiful, Dani, and from your photos I can see that that's so true! Glad you enjoyed your visit.