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Sunday, November 14, 2004

First November Ornament

I had decided a week ago when I knew I had nothing going on this Sunday that it was going to be a ME day! Today I've slept in, Todd made me breakfast, I've not gotten dressed and I've stitched. This is what I've accomplished by noon today.

Well it feels like this one has been a long time coming! I found this piece a challenge not because of the design but because the scrap of linen I decided to use was fairly loosely woven. I found it difficult to get my stitches to lie nice and flat! But its cute!

Here's Holiday Keepsake Bellpull c1999 Dragon Dreams


Faith Ann said...

Cute ornament!

Congrats on attaining your second degree black belt...what an accomplishment!

Shannon L. said...

I love the ornie, Dani. The fabric is gorgeous !