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Sunday, November 21, 2004

I'm a Very Bad Blogger!

Well I just took a look, and its been almost a week since my last blog! I'm a very, very bad blogger! How am I supposed to keep you, the reader entertained?

Needless to say its been an insane week for me! I automatically loose one night a week to teaching at Taekwon-Do. I now have one night a week where I teach two classes on a regular basis. I'm actually finding that I love it! But it sure eats into the stitching time. Lately I've only been able to find an hour here 30 minutes there to stitch! This week I had guild one night, taught the next, trained the night after and Friday night I went and saw Great Big Sea with some friends. Saturday I was off to Brighton to our annual ornament finishing day. I spent last night in Kingston and I came back home this afternoon. So needless to say I've barely been home.

When I have managed to find some stitching time this week I've either worked on Dragon's Tea Party from Dragon Dreams or my Ornament for the Ornament RR (its top secret so I can't tell you what the design is).

Hopefully this upcoming week will be a little calmer.

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