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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Getting near the end of a Mystery...

Since December 25th of last year when we received part 1 of Chatelaine's Mystery VI I've been anxious at the beginning of each month to download and stitch the latest installment. Now after almost a whole year the adventure is slowly coming to an end. Tonight I've finished part 11 of Mystery VI the second to last installment, I also have finished all the beading to date on this piece.

So now I am REALLY ANXIOUSLY waiting for part 12 the end of this year long project.

From month to month I've swung from liking this project to hating it and back to liking it again. What is the final verdict? Its stunning! So what is to come in part 12? Me, I'm guessing some hanging baskets to go in the corners perhaps? I asked Martina, the designer if she could give us a little tease with the colours that will be used in part 12. So the colours that will be used are : Gloriana - topiary, rosewood, cranberry, and red clay. Caron Waterlillies copper, and Silk 'n colors meadowgrass. Only time will tell what part 12 will turn out to be.


Erin said...

Martina's Mysteries are beautiful, and your stitching is incredible!! You should be proud of yourself. I often find myself wishing I had the money and time to commit to one of her designs...ah well. I've got enough other things to stitch anyway.... *grin*

Shannon L. said...

GORGEOUS ! I can see why you've enjoyed it, and why you're eagerly awaiting the last installment. Wowsers.