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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Celtic Banner SAL Day

Today is Celtic Banner SAL day, and despite my Model Stitching I won't skip out on this. I do need to work on my own stuff from time to time, right? I'll edit this post with a progress picture later tonight.

Here we go, today's progress. It doesn't really look like a lot but I filled in all the Wildflowers Cedar stitches inside the Blackforest of the border. That took most of the day to complete, and I started on another stretch of the border. I've passed the half way point on the left hand side now. Celtic Banner has now been safely tucked away until next Sunday.

Don't forget to check out Christin's and Abi's progress on their Blogs.


Carol said...

Looking forward to your update pic :-) Aren't Sundays wonderful for stitching?

Sara said...

Looking great Dani! You're very strong to do all the border first. Thanks for the great tutorials too!

Christin said...

Yup, you're the Queen of Borders. I'm saving it for something to do on the bus

Danielle said...

Wow--this is going to be a large banner! I love Celtic designs, but I have not yet stitched any. Didn't you stitch a Celtic design last year, too?