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Saturday, September 09, 2006

First 4 Patches & 9 Patches!

This morning Christin and I (she's a really brave girl to have dental surgery one day and be taking a basic quilting class the next!) went to the Running Stitch to take a basic quilting class. The class was strip piecing to do a 4 patch block and a 9 patch block. My Mum has taught me everything I know but it was neat to take a basic class and kinda re-learn what I've picked up from my Mum and to learn a few new tricks.

I have to say the instruction was wonderful, the shop is just lovely, and the staff very helpful and friendly! The only frustration was my old hand-me-down Kenmore sewing machine. The machine kept wanting to grab the fabric. The instructor (also the owner) was nice enough to let me try one of the Bernina machines they had in the classroom. Oh boy did I fall in love! Its too bad I don't sew enough to justify the cost. The best analogy I can give you one stitcher to another is using a really cheap, poor quality needle then switching to a piecemaker needle! Oooh I'd love to have a Bernina... anyone want to buy me one, just the base model that's all I need ;-)

Anyhow here are what I came away with from the class :

My first 4 Patch Blocks

My first 9 Patch Blocks

I think my Mummy would be proud!

After taking Christin back home to rest I was back in the car and off to help with the Open House/Demo at Taekwon-Do. Now that I'm home, I've gotten caught up on e-mails and I've blogged I'm going to pull out Noah's Sub. If I can get in a nice long stitch tonight... I should have a progress picture of Noah's Sub to share with you!


Terri said...

Nice patches Dani! The quilting bug has been biting me again. I think it's because our weather is cooling down. I want a new sewing machine too, so why don't we buy each other one! :) Happy stitching.

Karin said...

Your 4 patch and 9 patch blocks look fantastic! I'm always in awe of those who can quilt - the quilts look so fantastic when they are done.

Von said...

Perhaps the shop will get a great used machine that will fit your budget better. My first machine was a cheapie but I was always having to fiddle with the tension and it was a total pain to sew on. I gave up for years thinking it was operator error. :) Then I bought a decent machine and everything changed. I still don't get to sew as often as I'd like, but what a difference the experience is now! And then I bought a serger - more bliss, lol!

Great work on your quilt blocks!

Michelle said...

Great blocks Dani. Those nice machines make all the difference. I have to fight with my sewing machine to get it to cooperate. Want to come over and open up some TKD whoopass on it?!