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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Another Marathon

Now that the groceries are done... and I got to play coffee fairy at Todd's work this morning (a Timmie's run for the guys since there isn't one nearby and they're working Saturday) its a chance for me to settle in and stitch!

This weekend its an Indiana Jones Marathon! Before starting the first movie I started ormentifying an ornament I stitched a couple of months ago (I just haven't had much time for finishing lately!). While the glue dried I started up Raiders of the Lost Ark and pulled out Mini Autumn Sampler, first I snapped a before picture.

I think I made descent progress during the first movie, working on the grapes and another pear.

After Raiders I completed the finishing on Blackwork Noel a freebie from Glory Bee. I'm very happy with how it turned out. Then it was a quick sandwich ... stitching can make a girl hungry you know!

Now onto Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom...

Here's my Temple of Doom progress! The grapes are done.. what a practice in patience it was all confetti stitching!!!

Onto Indian Jones and the Last Crusade... my favourite!

We actually ended up taking a bit of a movie break and watched 2 shows on TV before getting back to the marathon, so this image shows about 4 hours of progress... I'm getting there!

Now to contiune on my my Harrison Ford theme, I've moved onto Star Wars IV : A New Hope.

Last night I couldn't really be bothered to update but here's my progress at the end of Star Wars IV

My next movie was The Empire Strikes Back... about half way through that I finished the over one row... and went to bed. This morning I'm back at it again.

I imagine I'll be able to get started on the cutwork areas today... I think.


Karen said...

Dani, I love that Autumn Sampler!! Whose the designer? Your movie marathon and day of stitching sounds like a dream! I'd love to have a day like that!

Karen said...

DUH!!! I just read a little further down and see the sampler is from TW. DUH! I should have known just by looking at it. ; )

Christine said...

I still want to know if the TW sampler is available to anyone or if it was a class piece!!! (Please and thanks, Dani :-) )

Leslie aka zoeandcooper said...

Amazing progress! Such patience with all that over one stitching. At least you had Harrison Ford to keep you company:)

Katrina said...

Hi Dani, just been catching up with your recent posts - you have been a busy stitcher lately - it all looks wonderful, as always.

Mary said...

I love how the Autumn Sampler is coming out. I can't wait for the next progress update. I love the Noel ornament. You finish your pieces off so great!!!!

stitcherw said...

Autumn Sampler is turning out lovely. I hadn't seen that one before, the colors are great.