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Thursday, November 30, 2006

December Goals and SBQ

Its that time again... another month has passed, and another is starting!

November - Recap

Stitch last TWRR - Done
Finish Celestial Fob - Done
Finish Dragon Needlecase class from TW - Done
Finish Mini Autumn Sampler class from TW - Done
Stitch Sweetheart Tree RR - Done
Stitch an ornament for exchange - Did two!
Noah's Sub... if there's time - Yup!

December Goals

Stitch an Ornament
Stitch a Freebie
Finish a Page on Noah's Sub
Finish Mini Cottages 4

Wow! This is why I love setting manageable goals each month... it really helps you to realize what you've accomplished. Sometimes you think you get nothing done... then you look back at those goals and voila! You've actually accomplished something! Because I was feeling like I had gotten very little done in November. I hope my goals for December are modest and achievable. With time off for Christmas... they should be.

Now catching up on those SBQ's again!

Q : Do you stitch Christmas ornaments? If so, how many do you stitch each year and for whom? If not, why not?

A : Yay an easy one to answer... if you know me then you know my answer is "well duh!" Of course I do! Some would say I stitch a lot of them. I think this year I'm up to 15 ornaments. Now where do they all go? Every year I give one to each of the secretaries and my co-worker, then there's the ornament exchanges I sign up for. There are ornaments for friends and family. I think they make fantastic and thoughtful gifts.

Q : How do you secure your thread when you begin a new one? Specifically,do you or have you ever used a waste knot?

A : I don't use a waste knot when I stitch... that would be a waste of time... then I'd have to go back and secure that thread. My stitching friends know I like to get stitching, and not waste time on silly things like tucking threads in later, gridding fabric or the like! When I start a new thread I leave a bit of a tail on the back of the fabric with one finger I hold that thread off to the direction I'm stitching in and catch it with my stitches... voila its secured with minimal stitching time wasted. Life is all about maximizing stitching time.

Well lately I've had a serious case of want-to-start-it-itis!!! Sunday evening before bed I got Tour Des Marques by The Silver Lining all kitted up. This is a piece that Beth, Christin and I have been intending to stitch as a SAL for the last two years. I think we're finally getting to a stage where we might actually start! Both Beth and I are ready to go, Christin is waiting for her fabric to arrive. We haven't sorted out when we'll be working on this piece. Seems like 2007 will be the year of the Stitch-A-Long between Tour and The Castle. I am happy to say we've corrupted another stitching friend into joining Chrisitn, Chrisanne and I (and many of you online) to stitch The Castle on Saturdays in 2007! Yes, Beatrice (you've seen her photo in many of my "Brighton" stitching activities) is going to join us, and I think this will be her first TW how exciting! My fabric has arrived for the Castle, and soon I'll have to start putting floss together, for that New Year's start! Chrisanne... are we going to stitch in the New Year again???

Since the weekend I've been working on Noah's Sub when I have time... always wishing I was working on something else! LOL I do like this project but can't get obsessed with the piece like I do others. Well, I was also bad... I did make a small start this week... I couldn't help myself! I started Jennifer Aikman-Smith's Moon Dragon a pattern Jennifer gave to us during her Celestial Fob workshop. I plan to put Teresa Wentzler's Sun Dragon on the other half of the fabric! But I'm only letting myself work on it a wee bit at a time so that Noah's Sub doesn't take a back seat... again... and again... and again!

Off to stitch!
Photo : Siberian Iris from my gardens.


Pennygwen said...

I am trying my best not to start the damn thing until then. I have my fabric and my needle finger is itchy!!!!!

AnneS said...

I absolutely adore the TdeM design - it's stunning! Look forward to seeing your progress on it :D